Thursday, July 13, 2017

the game of crab and fish

today was quite the rainy day over at camp harbor view, we did everything possibly to keep these kids interested in the cold rainy weather, we played games, told stories, but nothing seemed to get the attention off of the weather, and how unhappy it was making everyone. The rain let up at the perfect timing, right before fishing club. We had the crab trap in the water since yesterday so we were hoping to have some more crabs, different types of craps to educate the kids about. Once we pulled up the trap we saw, we had a little rock crab, and a cute little lion fish in the trap. So we filled a little bucket with water, and put the both inside, we thought it would be fun to see how the crab and the fish would interact with each other in a much smaller space.

At first, the fish and the crab didn't seem to notice each other, as they started to get adjusted to the environment they were in. As they started to get more familiar, they started to notice each other. The crab had many failed attempted to catch the fish, one of our campers though, seem to have made a strong and deep connection to the lion fish, we made sure that the crab would not catch the fish. Eventually, the fish started to play dead to keep the crab away from it. This game of cat and mouse, or should i say crab and fish, was very fun, and even more engaging to the kids. they forgot, just for a little moment, that they were miserable in the cold, and became amazed by the way a part of the food web was brought to life right before their eyes.

See you next week !

And so the game begins

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