Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Introduction post

When asked to share a story about myself, I always share the story. At this point I'm not sure if it's because it's a story that tells who I am perfectly, or because I am simply just that comfortable with it. It's the story of my name. During my birth, my father was not present, thus the responsibility of naming me was left to my mother. She felt she was not ready for this responsibility, so she thought it was wise to hand it over to my at the time 4 year old older sister. Being obsessed with power ranger, more specifically the pink power ranger, she told my mom to name me Kimberly Jane, keep in mind though, my mother isn't an English speaker, so when she heard the name Jane, she had NO IDEA how to spell it or even how to pronounce it, but to keep my sister happy and not have to be responsible for thinking of a better name she agreed. So instead of being Kimberly Jane “J-A-N-E” I was named Kimberly Yen “Y-E-N”.

 Growing up I didn't even know that my middle name was spelled like that, yet I wrote that way, until one day my teacher asked me to change the spelling of my name, to J-A-N-E, and when I went home to tell my mom, she was a tad bit surprised , she didn't expect me to be writing my name way she spelt it, she thought I'd write it the way it was supposed to be spelt. So I guess the reason this story really represents me is because of the fact that people always expect one thing of me, and I always give another

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