Friday, February 17, 2017

Introducing Me! ~

Greetings y'all! My name is Elaine Mensa-Wilmot, and I am proud to say that I am now an Environmental Policy Intern at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

Myself, pictured above, taking in the harbour sights during 
a casual bout of 20-degree weather.

I am a fresh college grad who recently moved up north from the great state of Texas to attend Boston University’s School of Public Health (Go Terriers!). At BUSPH, I am concentrating in Health Policy and Law in addition to a contextual certificate in Social Justice, Health Equity, and Human Rights. I like to spend my free time in the company of great music, so most nights I can be found either embracing the local jazz scene or taking in a nationwide tour.

Recently I attended my very own Marine Mammal Safari
in quest of the seal I dubbed Herman -- unfortunately, my seal
photography skills are still a work in progress. Instead, here's a photo
out the window from which I can usually spot him! (her?)

Given the expanse of Texas’ coastline at over 600 miles, I am no stranger to
beachy days and water excursions. Growing up, I was fortunate enough to celebrate a multitude of events making weekend trips to Galveston, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island. However, as evidenced by the work being done at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, this experience isn’t universal to all American youth. Knowing how closely I hold my own beach memories, being able to join up with an organisation like STH/STB that so fervently works to restore and protect Boston shorelines (and marine environments!) in order to share them with the public for all to enjoy could not be a more exciting endeavour.

The wide variety of programs Save the Harbor/Save the Bay offers and engages with, from beach clean-up days to their Shamrock Splash, leaves so much opportunity for involvement and I can not wait to dive right in! First up? An examination of past and present seafood marketing campaigns and the effects they’ve had on human consumption and behaviour.


Thursday, February 16, 2017

Save the Summer

Help #SavetheHarbor to #SavetheSummer!

As you know, the Administration recently announced serious cuts to the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s budget for this summer that affect seasonal staff, algae removal, and free beach events and programs this summer. While these cuts are critical, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is dedicated to making the Summer of 2017 the best yet -- but we need your help. 

There are two quick, easy ways you can help us #SavetheSummer:

The Metropolitan Beaches Commission at their February meeting.

1.) Check out this letter from the Metropolitan Beaches Commission asking Governor Baker and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton, Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash, and other administration officials to revoke these cuts and fully restore the budget in FY2018. Then, send us an email with your name, affiliation and contact information so that we can add your name to the letter. 

#SavetheSummer with Save the Harbor at our Harpoon Shamrock Splash!
2.) Join us at the Harpoon Shamrock Splash!
Register for the Splash HERE ( and you automatically get Harpoon beer, a post-splash b.good meal, a Harpoon koozie, and a chance to win a round-trip JetBlue ticket. When you start a team and raise $100, $250, or $500 or more dollars, you'll get some cool Harpoon swag and a greater chance of winning another round-trip JetBlue flight. This is the most important Splash yet, and we need all of your support to keep the Better Beaches Program in 2017. All of the proceeds go straight to youth programs and beach events on all of our public beaches from Nahant to Nantasket. Last year, we raised $40,000-- help us beat that record this year.  We'll see you on M Street Beach in South Boston on March 5th. 

#SavetheHarbor #SavetheSummer

- Your friends at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Save the Summer Sign-On Letter


                                                                                                                         February 9, 2017
Dear Friends,

As you may know, the Baker Administration recently announced deep cuts to the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s budget for this summer, which we believe put the extraordinary gains we have made on the region's public beaches in recent years at serious risk.

This round of cuts includes a $5 million cut in DCR's operating budget and a $400,000 reduction for seasonal staff. They also include cuts to the Metropolitan Beaches budget line, including $50,000 for algae removal in Lynn, Swampscott and Nahant and $100,000 for free beach events and programs this summer.

The region's 19 miles of public swimming beaches have the power to connect the region's residents to the recreational and educational benefits of our $5 billion investment in the Boston Harbor clean up. They also play a critical role as economic drivers for the region's beachfront communities and waterfront neighborhoods in Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and Hull.

We know you understand the value of these extraordinary urban natural resources to you and your community. We also know you understand the importance of free beach events and youth programs to the region's kids and families, many of whom can't afford to get away to Cape Cod or Cape Ann.

That's why we are asking you to join the Metropolitan Beaches Commission and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and sign on to a letter asking Governor Baker and Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs Matthew Beaton, Secretary of the Executive Office for Administration and Finance Kristen Lepore, Secretary of Housing and Economic Development Jay Ash and other administration officials to rescind the cuts this year and fully restore the budget in FY2018.

At Save the Harbor/Save the Bay we believe in the power of clean water to transform communities and improve the quality of life we enjoy in the Boston Harbor region.  

We also believe in the power of people to persuade decision makers to do the right thing.

Please take a minute to read the sign-on letter below, and send us an email with your name, affiliation and contact information so that we can add your name to the letter.

We know we can count on our friends and supporters to join us as we continue to work to put our tremendous public investment in clean water and better beaches to work for all the residents of our region.

Sign On Letter

                                                                                                              February 1, 2017
Dear Secretary Beaton, Secretary Lepore and Secretary Ash,

As you know, late last year, the Baker Administration announced a series of 9C cuts to the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s budget for FY 2016.

Coming on top of deep cuts to DCR staff and operations in 2015, these cuts jeopardize the agency’s ability to fulfill its responsibilities on the region’s 14 public beaches in 9 communities including Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and Hull.

These cuts include $100,000 for free beach events and programs, $50,000 for algae removal in Lynn, Swampscott, and Nahant, and $50,000 to support the work of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, as well as more than $5 million in cuts to staff and operations at DCR.

The metropolitan region’s 14 public beaches are an extraordinary urban natural resource which contributes to the civic, cultural, and recreational vitality and economic health of the region’s waterfront neighborhoods and beachfront communities from Nahant to Nantasket.

We know you understand how important these beaches are to the more than 1.5 million residents who live within a short ride or drive to the coast.

We are counting on you to advocate for the restoration of these funds for FY2017 and to fully restore DCR’s budget in FY2018.


Senator Thomas M. McGee and Representative RoseLee Vincent
Co-Chairs of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission

Patty Foley and Bruce Berman
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

P.S.  Despite these devastating cuts, all of us remain committed to a full season of free events and programs on the region's public beaches this summer. Please help us #savethesummer and join us on Carson Beach on Sunday March 5th for the Harpoon Shamrock Splash. Register today at and help us raise funds to support free beach events and programs on your beach this summer.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Harpoon Shamrock Splash 2017!

What better way to kick off another year of protecting, restoring, and sharing Boston Harbor than a splash into the water at the nation's cleanest urban beach and some cold Harpoon beers? 

We are delighted to announce that the Harpoon Shamrock Splash to benefit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay will be held on Sunday, March 5th at the BCYF Curley Community Center in South Boston!

Last year, the Harpoon Shamrock Splash raised more than $40,000 to support free concerts and beach festivals, sand sculpting competitions and youth programs on the region's public beaches in Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South Boston, Dorchester, Quincy and Hull.

Your $20 registration for the Splash includes beer, a burger, a Harpoon koozie, and a chance to win a round-trip JetBlue ticket. When you start a team and raise $100, $250, or $500 or more dollars, you'll get some cool Harpoon swag like t-shirts and hoodies, and a greater chance of winning another round-trip JetBlue flight. You can register HERE. 

This year's Splash will be better than ever, with live music, cold beer, and tasty treats from B.Good. It is also the most important Splash we have ever put on. 

In 2015 and 2016, with the support of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission, the Legislature and both the Patrick and Baker Administrations, the Department of Conservation and Recreation invested funds to support our Better Beaches Program of free events and programs on the region's public beaches. 

Recent budget cuts make state funding for this program uncertain this year, so your participation and support in the Splash is more important than ever before.

Save the Harbor is committed to running a Better Beaches Program in 2017 regardless of these cuts, which is why we we're counting on the fundraising efforts of our friends who love their beach as much as they love Harpoon beer. Check out the video of the Splash here to get you excited about starting your Splash team NOW! 

We can't wait to see you in the water at M Street Beach in South Boston on March 5th!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Good to be Home!

Max gearing up for the rope course at Camp Harbor View
Hello everybody! For those that do not already know me, my name is Maxwilliams Iwuala and I am a senior Biology major attending Stonehill College. I have worked with Save the Harbor Save the Bay's summer programming in previous years, but have recently made a return to the company working as a project assistant aiding in the review of their 2017 summer curriculum.

I was raised in Boston for nearly my whole life and have visited many a beach in the Boston area. It was not until, however, working with Save the Harbor Save the Bay during my sophomore year of college that I was able to appreciate the beauty and liveliness of the Boston Harbor and the region's public beaches. More importantly, though, I realized the numerous extraordinary experiences I had been missing while living in the harbor's very backyard. 

Max instructing a young camper how to cast a fishing rod
I can still remember my first time fishing off of a boat in the harbor with Camp Harbor View’s fishing club hosted by Save the Harbor Save the Bay; my memory becomes a bit hazy when trying to recall whether or not I actually reeled in any fish that day, however, I will never forget the excitement and sense of adventure the trip inspired in all of the young fishermen and women and myself. From the looks of the faces on some of the young campers I could easily discern this too was their first time fishing on the waves, untethered from any semblance of seashore. It was then that Save the Harbor Save the Bay’s mission became real to me; aside from the abundance of fun had by both the staff and the thousands of children participating in our summer programs, there is an indisputable commitment to sharing the local beaches, harbor and Boston harbor islands alike, with underserved youth communities inhabiting this great city that otherwise may not enjoy the opportunity to do so. I have experienced firsthand the impact of such opportunities and have since refocused my aim to assisting Save the Harbor Save the Bay in extending these experiences to the countless children reached by the company’s community programming!

Max searching for invasive species along the shores of Long Island

Hello from Claire!

Hi everyone! My name is Claire and I am a new Environmental Policy Intern here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I am currently in my senior year at Boston University, where I am getting my degree in Environmental Analysis and Policy. Coming from suburban New Jersey to Boston has been an awesome change, even though there aren't as many trees for me to hug in the city. Growing up around farms and parks taught me to appreciate animals and nature, so I decided to study how our society can protect and sustain them. One of my favorite things to do is travel, and I am always searching for the balance between urban sprawl and wilderness no matter where I go.
Smiles from Salthill Beach in Galway, Ireland!

My favorite childhood memories are of exploring the woods by my house and searching for shells on the Jersey Shore (and yes, there are actually beautiful beaches despite what you might see on TV). Once I took AP Environmental Science in high school, it became more clear that I wanted to spend my life working to protect the environment. I am excited to be working with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay because it is an organization that works for conservation in so many ways. It's important to show people how awesome their environment is, especially since there are so many unexpected opportunities in the city! I hope that through my work here I will be able to see policies in action as we advocate for the planet and show communities around Boston how they can enjoy the natural world from right here in the city. There are so many awesome natural areas in Boston that wouldn't be as great if there weren't as many people working hard to protect them.

Boston is a city with so many resources, and I can't wait to work with everyone at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay in conservation projects and to share my enthusiasm for the environment with other curious people!
Claire looking for snails on Revere Beach

Monday, January 23, 2017

New Intern- Kara Fadden

Hey everyone, my name is Kara Fadden and I am an Environmental Policy Intern at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay! I’m currently a senior at Boston University, and am majoring in Ecology and Conservation Biology. I spent my fall in Ecuador focusing on field work in tropical ecology, and can’t wait to get involved here this semester. From before I could even remember I knew I wanted to do something that would help animals in one way or another. After writing a report on the green sea turtle in high school, I turned my passion towards them and then eventually environmental conservation.

I have many memories of beach days, fishing and spending hours observing tide pool ecosystems as a kid; and would love to be able to continue to have clean and healthy beaches and oceans so that kids today can make memories for themselves. I am excited about all of the youth programs that Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay does, as well as the events that get people excited about the beach. Another aspect of Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay I am so passionate about is the cleanup, restoration and protection of the Massachusetts beaches. On top of that, I am excited to get involved in the water quality projects. Water quality is important, so not only we can enjoy the water on a hot summer day, but everything that calls the harbor home can thrive and live happily as well.

I can’t wait to get more involved with all that is going on here at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay, and I am looking forward to my next couple months here!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Save the Harbor - Year in Review

Here are just a few of the many stories, about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and our work to restore, protect and share Boston Harbor, the harbor islands, and our region’s great public beaches, which you can find in the community newspapers and regional media or on our blog Sea, Sand & Sky at

You can find out more at
Join us on Facebook at 
and follow us on twitter @savetheharbor

STEAMING INTO 2017 - Save the Harbor's Annual Youth Report
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s free Youth Environmental Education Programs are the cornerstones of our work to connect the region’s underserved young people and their families to Boston Harbor and the Boston Harbor Islands.

Life’s a Beach! 2016 Better Beaches Program Update
Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) awarded more than $215,000 in Better Beaches Program Grants to support over 80 free beach events and activities on the Boston Harbor region’s public beaches in a ceremony on Boston’s Fish Pier on Saturday, June 11th, 2016.

Let’s clean up the stink at King’s Beach – by Yvonne Abraham
Thursday morning, I was at one of my favorite places: King’s Beach, straddling Lynn and Swampscott. King’s speaks to much that is great about this country. It’s a gorgeous, well-maintained public space, with a handsome promenade.

Beating the Heat at the Beach Bash & Splash @ DCR’s Carson Beach
Three-hundred and fifty kids from across the city and around the region, including groups from South Boston, Dorchester, the South End, Jamaica Plain and Lynn made a very big splash on the beach Aug. 5 at Save the Harbor’s 6th Annual Beach Bash and Splash at DCR’s Carson Beach.

Metropolitan Beaches Commission Update: Missing The Boat in Lynn – by Thomas Grillo
U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton piled on Tuesday and joined the Lynn delegation in criticizing the Baker administration’s failure to fund the Lynn ferry that serves the North Shore.

What’s she doing on the beach with that weird thing on her back? By Johanna Seltz
Christina Balzotti is spending her summer striding along the water’s edge of nearly 20 miles of state-owned beaches in Boston Harbor with a 50-pound pack on her back connected to a helmet-like ball towering over her head — and looking more than a little like an alien as she takes 360-degree photos of the shoreline for Google Maps.

Sharing the Harbor Like Never Before: A Letter from Our President
We began our 30th Anniversary Year with a sunset cruise to Boston Light in the spring and ended it with a free fall trip to Spectacle Island in late October. As we looked back toward the city with our community  partners and our friends and supporters, we couldn’t help but think back on all we have accomplished together since 1986.

Thanks to all of our foundation funders, corporate sponsors, and the more than 1,000 individual donors who help make our work possible. You can find a full list at

Friday, January 20, 2017

Hi from Kelly - Intern Extraordinaire

Kelly fueling her seaweed obsession on Cape Cod
Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Tobin and I'm the new Environmental Policy intern here at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. I am a senior at Boston University and originally from Connecticut, so I have always loved New England's beaches and all of the unique life here. I study Marine Science, which has been a lifelong passion for me, starting with the rocky shores of Connecticut all the way down to the warm waters of the Gulf Stream in North Carolina.

My parents would take me down to the coast as often as they could during the summer, which was a treat because we live over an hour away from the coast.  When we were there, we spent the whole day looking under rocks for little crabs, walking along the shoreline and staring at the sand in search of sea glass or unique shells, and I would brave the chilly New England water to play with the fish and hermit crabs that I could see in the shallow water. When we went down to North Carolina, I was in heaven.  The hot southern sun gave me an excuse to spend hours in the water, catching minnows and crabs, and searching for any treasures I could find on the sand. These experiences fueled my curiosity and fascination with the natural world around me, and I can't imagine going through life without that. I want everyone to have equal access to the beaches like I did and am thrilled to be part of a team with the same vision for the world. It is already so uplifting.
Kelly looking for seals and enjoying the sun on the Fish Pier
At BU, I have worked in a biogeochemistry lab, been a teaching assistant for an Introduction to Oceanography class, and am Co-President of the Marine Science Association. I've taken many ocean-centered courses as well as a STEM education course throughout my time as an undergrad, and wish I had more time to take more courses! I love teaching people about something I know and care about, and getting to work with people who also get excited about the ocean and our environment. I want to focus on the communications and education side of Marine Science, which is why I started with Save the Harbor.

Kelly with a preserved viperfish at Harvard's
Museum of Natural History
I have a special love for seaweed and sustainable food systems, and Save the Harbor is a perfect place to share that love with more people! In my first week, I have already dove into (pun intended) some of the projects I will be working on. I have started with some of the other amazing people here on curriculum development for our summer programs. They were so impressive-I wish I could be a kid again! Right now my main project is creating a cookbook featuring foods you can find right here in Boston Harbor, ranging from invasive species like green crabs to my personal favorites; (native) species of seaweed. I love the idea of eating invasives to create a more sustainable food system AND teaching kids and families where their food comes from. It has been a super fun project and I'm only on day 3, so I am very excited to see what this semester brings.


Sea, Seals & Sky

The difference between a good and bad seal photo: time and effort

Have you ever made eye-contact with a seal?
An early attempt

One beautiful fall morning, I spotted a dog-like creature with big, curious eyes paddling around the fishing boats. In one slick arc, it dove quickly out of view, but I was sure: I had seen a seal in the wild, and I was overjoyed.

I called Bruce Berman immediately. "One seal? There will be more" he promised. For the first time in my life, I couldn't wait for it to get colder!

The seal made me inexplicably happy. Each day I looked forward to spotting the dark eyes and slippery fur peering up from the surface of the water. Save the Harbor taught me to share the treasures of the Harbor, which I decided was possible with a great photograph of a seal.

Dark spotted seal and light grey seal, diving out of view at the same time
I had a mission- get a good photo of a seal. Easy, right? Not quite- I spent weeks catching blurry, distant photos from the office window. I always seemed to miss the seal just as it dove under the water. I got the team involved: Diana Acosta, an intern at the time, explained that seals can hold their breath for more than twenty minutes, so once they dive, there's no telling when they will pop back up.

For the rest of 2016, I would only see one seal in the morning. I cajoled Trevor Etheridge, also a busy intern, into accompanying me as a lookout. Teamwork really does pay off: armed with a sensible camera, we were able to get a decent shot- but we were determined to do better.
Seal that Trevor spotted

Far away seal, looking up
January arrived with opportunity. One busy Friday, four seals were swimming around the pier, looking for scraps from the fishing boats. "FOUR seals!" I exclaimed, calling my coworkers to the conference room- but as they do, the seals dove out of sight, and nobody else saw them. Some may have worried that I was losing my mind.

By 2:00 that Friday, I began to lose hope. The day had gone by in a blur- I ran out at lunch: no seals. I saw the seals from the window: no time to run out. I saw seals, ran downstairs, had my camera ready: no luck.

Bashful-looking seal
Max Iwuala, a summer staff member who is re-joining the team, arrived for a meeting at 3:00. Max is one of the most charismatic, hard-working people I have ever met; he asks poignant questions, he makes everyone laugh, and he plays a mean game of chess. This particular Friday, Max was coming in to join our curriculum review project.

By 4:00, daylight was running out. As soon as we wrapped up a meeting, I told Bruce that there were four seals in the harbor. I didn't need to explain further; he pointed to Max and said "well go get a photo, and take him with you!"

We nearly ran out the door.

One of Max's seal photos
I am half-convinced that Max has superpowers. He could hardly believe his eyes when he first saw the seals, but within minutes, he could spot them faster than I could. I passed him the camera, and just like that, he did what I had been trying to do for months: he captured incredible photos of the seals. Despite the gusty winds and 18-degree weather, we took photos until it grew too dark.

 We hope you enjoy these photos. Keep an eye out for seals this winter, and remember to share the joy that the Harbor brings you!

Whiskers on display

Take care, friends!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Same Harbor Same Love !!!

Hello everyone my name is Mark Rose. I am 22 from Boston MA . I started working for Save The Harbor/Save The Bay as a junior program assistant for the youth summer program in 2010 .

I've learned so much about the Boston Harbor and the history of it over the last 7 years . In 2015 I was honored as one of the Boston Harbor Hero's which was really special for me I was very proud that my hard work and dedication to the program was noticed .

I am very excited to be back this winter and help out with our Save The Harbor/Save The Bay's Curriculum Guide . This is something I always wanted to be apart of . I watch our office staff and our interns work so hard every day and it really inspires me the amount of help they provide me with work and even everyday life I couldn't thank them enough .

Opportunity is one of the biggest keys in life growing up in the inner city of Boston  wasn't so easy . Unfortunately I was unable to finish high school . Over the years this has been a major set back for me as I try to move forward and progress with my life . I'm proud to say that I am currently studying for my GED/HiSET exam with all the help I need from Save The Harbor . My goal now is to study and prepare myself to take my exam no later than April . I just want to thank everyone who's put their time and effort in to helping me stay focused.  The support really means a lot.

                    Live, Love And Laugh
                                                                                                                           Mark Rose

Friday, November 18, 2016

Our Funders

Thanks to all of our foundation funders, corporate sponsors, and the more than 1,000 individual donors who help make our work possible.

The Boston Foundation
Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation

$30,000 - $50,000
Bay State Cruise Company
Coca-Cola Foundation

$15,000 - $25,000
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Blue Hills Bank Charitable Foundation
The Clowes Fund, Inc.
Eastern Salt Company, Inc.
Fan Pier - The Fallon Company
John Hancock Financial Services, Inc.
Harpoon Brewery
HILTON Worldwide
Massachusetts Environmental Trust
Massachusetts Port Authority
National Grid
National Grid Foundation
P&G Gillette
Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center
The Yawkey Foundations

$7,500 - $12,500
Allan Construction
Forrest Berkley & Marcie Tyre Berkley
Catalyst New Media Group
Mark & Michelle Chrisos
Goody Clancy
The HYM Investment Group, LLC
Kershaw Foundation - Cheers for Children
Mass Humanities
Massachusetts Bay Lines
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Harold Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust
Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Charitable Foundation
Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation
William E. & Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust
Studio Tek
The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation

$5,000 - $7,000
Anonymous (1)
Arbella Insurance Group Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Bennett and Company
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion/Live Nation
Boston Centers for Youth & Families
Camp Harbor View
Carnival Foundation
Jay Cashman Inc.
CBT Architects
Circle Furniture
Clipper Ship Foundation, Inc.
Con Edison Development
Cottonwood Management, LLC
Cronin Group, LLC
Cushing & Dolan, P.C.
Daily Catch Seaport
The Davis Companies

Elizabeth Elser Doolittle Charitable Trust
Emera Inc.
The Paul and Phyllis Fireman Charitable Foundation
Thomas J. & Lucinda J. Foley
GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.
J&M Brown Company, Inc.
Keegan Werlin LLP
Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.
Lovett-Woodsum Foundation
MarineMax Russo
Massachusetts Convention Center Authority
John Moriarty & Associates
New Boston Ventures
Nicholson Foundation
RMR Real Estate Services
South Boston Community Development Foundation
Spectra Energy
Suffolk Construction Company, Inc.
Tishman Speyer

$3,000 - $4,500
Andus Baker & Rowan Murphy Family Fund
Barking Crab
Boston Bruins Foundation
Boston Private
Boston Properties - Atlantic Wharf
Boston Redevelopment Authority
Boston Yacht Charters
Cargo Ventures
Charter Contracting Company
The Chiofaro Company
Cushman & Wakefield of Massachusetts
Elkus Manfredi Architects
Epsilon Associates
Flutter & Bostontweet
Paul D. Foster & Associates
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Jamestown L.P.
JW Capital Partners & SKW Partners, Inc.
Chuck & Ann Lagasse
Jamie Meiser
A. Murphy Inc.
New England Finish Systems
The Reebok Foundation
Seaport Square - WS Development
Turner Construction
Vanasse Hangen Brustlin Inc.
Wallwork Curry McKenna

$2,000 - $2,800
Jay & Karen Fernandes
The Fuller Foundation
Greater Boston YMCA
Haley & Aldrich, Inc.
David Hegarty
Invesco Real Estate
Jennifer Johnson
Kearney Donovan & McGee, P.C.
Legal Sea Foods
Miss Wallace M. Leonard Foundation
Mass Electric Construction Company
Murphy Donoghue Partners
National Park Service
David Newman & Dina Conlin
Elizabeth Nicholson
Related Beal
Rockland Trust - Peoples Federal Foundation
George Schwartz
Stavis Seafoods, Inc.
TD Bank Foundation
Travaglini, Eisenberg, Kiley LLC
Trinity Financial

$1000 - $1500
Anonymous (1)
3A Marine Service
AAA Northeast
William D. Adams
Mary-Jo Adams & John Sasso
Anderson & Kreiger LLP
AP Staffing
Gregory P. Bialecki & Mary Herlihy
David Bois
Boston BoatWorks, LLC
Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
Andrew J. Calamare & Marianne Connolly
C&W Services
Kevin, Dee and Annie Colcord
Conroy Development
Conventures, Inc.
Cresset Group
Cronin Group, LLC
Cummings Properties
Diversified Automotive, Inc.
Digger & Susan Donahue
The Drew Company
Durand & Anastas
Equity Office Properties
Basil Freddura
Claudia C. Gelzer
Elizabeth Gorman & Mark Kritzman
Goulston & Storrs
Robert & Hathaway Green
Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc.
International Longshoremen's Association, AFL-CIO
Elisabeth Jackson
Joyce & Joyce
JW Capital Partners
Kensington Investment Company, Inc.
Michael Kineavy
David & Celeste Lee
Michael A. Leon, Esq.
George Lewis - Haven Trust
Liberty Bay Credit Union
Joe & Shelly Mahoney
Mass Bay Credit Union
Martha Mazzone Charitable Gift Fund
Milone & MacBroom
James Miraldi
National Development
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP
Northwind Strategies
Brian Payea & Trip Advisor
Judith & Thoru Pederson
ROCK Development
Save That Stuff
Storm Duds
The Strategy Group, Inc.
Matthew J. & Gilda F. Strazzula Foundation
Maryann Gilligan Suydam
TGA Cross Insurance, Inc.
Vacovec, Mayotte & Singer LLP
ValleyCrest Landscape Development/BrightView
Alex & Deanna Vienneau
Kyle & Sara Warwick
Matthew Whitlock & Penny Neal
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff
Peter Zschokke

$250 - $750
Ryan Acone
Fred Ahern
Joseph C. Aiello & Mary J. Mitchell
Melinda & Robert Armacost
Maeve Vallely Bartlett
Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation
David Bean
Regina Cooper Benjamin
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Laura Burke
John A. & Patricia M. Carucci
Ria Convery
Glenn Cort
Paul G. Costello, P.E.
Jennifer Cruickshank
Stephen Davis
John Desalvo
Richard Dimino
Bob & Mary Doyle
East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
William & Susan Elsbree
Ben & Connie Etheridge
David Giangrande
Anthony L. Gilardi
Perry Gould
Edward F. Granara
Benjamin & Francine Hiller
Craig Horsfall
William Hussin
J.F. White Contracting Company
Mark Junghans
Dan & Julie Kenary
Eugene Kennedy
The Honorable John F. Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry
Anne & Tom Leahy
Bethany Lombard
Michael Marchesi
McCarter English
McDermott Ventures, LLC
Joanne McDevitt
John J. McGlynn, Jr. Esq. & Diane McGlynn, Esq.
ML Strategies, LLC
Robert & Judith Murray
New England Dock & Marine Council
Joe & Trish Newman
Leo Pagano
Randy Peeler & Kate Kellogg
Raine Associates, Inc.
Red Sox Foundation
Daniel P. Rogers
Salem Glass Company
Peter D. Gori
Joel & Helaine Saperstein
Felix Senkovsky
Steven and Jane Shannon
Mike Sheeran
James Shine
Karen Smith
David Spillane & Linda Murphy
Susan M. Tracy
Utile, Inc.
Joseph Vecchi
John Vetere
Stuart Vidockler & Lydna Clare
Richard & Roselee Vincent
Stephen Wessling
Michael Whouley
Daniel T. & Jennifer L. Wilson
Yankee Lobster Company

$1 - $249
Leonard Alberts
Annette Angelo
Dawne Armitstead
Kip Becker
Richard Bell
Deborah Bloom
Hollis A. Bodman
Rachel Borgatti
Karen Buttiglieri
Christopher Byner
RoseMarie Callahan
Leonel Depaz Carrillo
Dorothy Carroll
Carl J. Carlsen
Robert & Christine Wells
Joshua Colcord
Stephen Cooper
Jay Crowley
Leo Cushing
Thomas Dammrich
Patrick Davis
Christopher Desisto
Kevin Dick
Paul Dimaura
Norah Dooley
Bryan Van Dorpe
Marie A. Drouin & Marie A. McCarthy
Captain Howard Dorr Jr.
Jack Eiferman & Fern Fisher
Thomas J. Engelman
Arwa Eshaq
Marilyn Fielder
Peter Fifield
Alice Fisher
Jen Flannery
Robin Flint
Barbara Flockhart
Diane & Paul Foley
Paul D. Foster
GEI Consultants
Eric Geller
Michael Glasfeld
Michael Gorton, Sr.
William E. Hadge
Roy & Sylvia Hammer
Rob Harris
Rhonda Harrison
Dwight H. Havens
Patrick Hellen
David Hewett
Elaine Hickey
Candace Horan
Brett Hudson
Paul R. Ivaska & Linda M. Buckley
James Jensen
Edward C. & Elizabeth B. Johnson 
Marcus Johnson-Smith
Michael Joyce
Tina Karas
Robert Keane
Peter Kelliher
William F. Kennedy & Annmarie Kennedy
Charlotte Knox
Phillips L. Kuhl & Karen S. Kuhl
Deirdre Kulevich
Kathy Lafferty
Councillor Margaret Laforest
Virginia Lawrence
Chris Leon
Barbara Mackey
Michael Macken
Eleanor & Duncan Macqueen Jr.
Adrian Madaro
Duncan & Douglas Maitland
Sevan Mancilikli
Timothy Manny
Henry Mansour
Jonathan Marks
Robert Marra
Jean & Dennis Martens
Michael Massagli
Joan Meschino
Patricia McCormick
Nancy McDonald
Thomas M. McGee
Rick McKenna
Jennifer McMahon
Maureen McQuillen
Francis & Sheila Meaney
Judy Meredith
Richard Milstein
Gerhard Mullican
Susan Myerow
Stephen Myers
Lory E. Newmyer & Stephen W. Cooper
Rex Norman
Ira Novoselsky
Paul Nutting
Maura O'Gara
Jenny & David Outman
Vi Patek
Holly Pratt
Debra Ran
Christine Rauseo
Sharon L. Regan
Jeremy Reger
Kathi-Anne Reinstein
Ellen Reynolds
George Roberts
Amy Rodriguez
Paul Rosenberg
James Rowan
Peter and Shannon Rowley
James & Margery Sabin
David & Anne Salant
Joseph Savage
Ricky Serino
Tom Scannell
Christian Scorzoni, Esq.
Rachel Scott
Stanley M. & Judith A. Schurgin
Priscilla Smith
William Smith-Vaniz
Jessica Snare
Victoria Stevens
Stefan Strojwas & Denise C. Whall-Strojwas
Captain James Sullivan
Juliet Tierney
Richard Tobin
Thi Tran
Lori Tsuruda
Richard Tuck
David Tufano & Bridget Ryan
Laura Walsh
Mary Ann Walsh
Kelly Welch
Gayle Wettach
Peter Wild
Thomas Wolfe
Daniel Woodbury
John Wortham
Anne Zint

Destination Boston Harbor Silent Auction Donors

3A Marine
75 Chestnut
75 on Liberty Wharf
Abe & Louie’s
Ace Wheelworks & Belmont Wheelworks
Antico Forno
Bacco Ristorante & Bar
Barbados Tourism Marketing, Inc.
The Barking Crab
Battery Wharf Hotel
Bay State Cruise Company
Bayside Resort Hotel
Bill’s Outboard Motor Services, Inc.
Blo Blow Dry Bar- Seaport
Blue Hills Bank Pavilion
Boca Raton Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Bose Corporation
Boston Fun Cruises
Boston Harbor Hotel
Boston Harbor Pilots Association
Boston Opera House
Boston Properties - Atlantic Wharf
Boston Red Sox
Boston Super Tours
Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum
Boston Yacht Haven Inn & Marina
The Briar Group
C&W Services
Caesars Entertainment
Captain Scott Campbell - Fishing Frenzy Charters
Capo Restaurant
Carriage House Media
CBS Radio
The Charles Hotel
Charlestown Marina
The Chiofaro Company
Circle Furniture
The Colonnade Hotel
Constitution Marina/Bed & Breakfast Afloat
The Crown & Anchor
Decibel Media
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
Denterlein Worldwide
Captain Paul Diggins - Reel Pursuit Charters
Diplomat Resort & Spa, Curio Collection by Hilton
Diversified Automotive
Everybody Fights
Exhale Battery Wharf
F1 Boston
The Fairmont Copley Plaza
The Fallon Company
Fort Adams Trust
GrandTen Distilling
Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau
Hampshire House Corporation
The Harbor Garage
Harpoon Brewery
Hawthorne Hotel
Highwire Marketing Consultants, LLC
Hilton Bayfront San Diego
Hilton Boston Downtown/Faneuil Hall
Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort
Hilton Garden Inn Patriot Place
Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek
HILTON Worldwide/Hilton Luxury Brands
The Envoy Hotel
Hyatt Regency Boston
Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor
InterContinental Boston
InterContinental New York Barclay
Island Creek Oysters
James Hook & Co.
Jasper White’s Summer Shack
Jerry Remy’s Sports Bar & Grill
Karma Crew Yacht Charters
King’s Boston
The Kraft Family
Kyocera New England
L Street Tavern
La Quinta Resort & Club, A Waldorf Astoria Resort
Larry and Valerie Post
The Lenox
Live Nation
Loco Taqueria & Oyster Bar
Loews Boston Hotel
Lyons Group
Mandarin Oriental, Boston
Marriott International
The Mary Baker Eddy Library
Mass Bay Lines, Inc.
Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation
Massport and the ILA
Captain Rick McKenna - Legacy
National Grid
New England Patriots Charitable Foundation
New England Revolution Charitable Foundation
NFL Network/Ian Rapoport
Norman Crump Art
Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club
Ocean Two Resort & Residences
On Location Tours
The Palm Restaurant
Peabody Essex Museum
Pier 6
Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum
The Preservation Society of Newport County
Provincetown Marina
The Point
The Red Inn
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel
Renee Zych
Residence Inn by Marriott Boston
Back Bay/Fenway
Residence Inn By Marriott Boston Harbor
on Tudor Wharf
Revere Hotel Boston Common
Row 34
Royal Sonesta Boston
Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Boston
Captain Steve Sacco - Dive Inn II
Salem Trolley
Salvatore’s Seaport
Salvatore’s Theater District
Sea Crest Beach Hotel
Spirit Cruises
Sports Hub
Starwood Hotels
Stowe Mountain Lodge
Sullivan’s Castle Island
Sundial Beach Resort & Spa
Super Duck Tours, LLC
Swan Boats, Inc.
Tavistock Restaurants
Tom Tilas
Top of the Hub Restaurant & Lounge
Tryp Times Square South
The Varano Group
Wallwork Curry McKenna
Walt Disney World Resort Corporate Citizenship
Water Wizz Water Park
World Ocean School aboard Roseway

Thanks to the more than 700 people who made pledges in support of this year's Harpoon Helps Shamrock Splash, and to our Better Beaches program, policy, and event sponsors

Harpoon Brewery

The Boston Foundation
Harold  Whitworth Pierce Charitable Trust
Richard Saltonstall Charitable Foundation
MarineMax Russo
P&G Gillette
National Grid
Mix 104.1
Boston Centers for Youth & Families
Sullivans Castle Island
Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation
YMCA of Greater BostonKeezer Sportswear

Patricia Abbate
Carol Abrahams
Richard Ackerman
Ryan Acone, Andrew Litchfield & Anthony Monahan
Danielle Adamson
Cathy Affronti
Rory Ahern
Fred Ahern
John Ahern
Joseph C. Aiello & Mary J. Mitchell
Andrea Akerib
Akin Akinc
Michael Alessandro
Andrew Alletag
Suzanne Alley
Bob Ambrefe
Thomas G. Ambrosino
Leah Amrhein
Sara Anderson
Clinton Angell
Dawne Armitstead
Ashley Armstrong
Brian Arrigo
Mary-Leah Assad
Melody Attarha
Kathy Auda
Chris Austill
Kristen Awed Ladas
Iris Ayala
Crosby Bain
Tess Baker
Michael Baker
Victoria Barrett
Scott Barros
Kristen Barry
Jackie Barry
Katelyn Barry
Jeffrey Basch
Ivan Basch
Chris Basler
Hannah Beardsley
Joseph Beaton
Kip Becker
Heather Bell
Sidaulia Benson
Valerie Benson
Garrett Bergey
Allen Berliner
Raquel Berliner
Bruce Berman
Tiffany Bevis
Meghan Bildner
Deborah Bloom
Douglas Blough
Mark Boado
Sandra Bodner
Matthew Bogdan
Christopher Bonacci
Helena Book
Nancy Boone
Fred Borges
Annette Bornstein
Peggy & Bill Boucher
Asmaa Boudili
Daina Bouquin
clara bouricius
Julie Bourque
Daniel Bourque
Ian A. Bowles
Colleen & Harvey Boyarsky
Sharon Brady
Michael Brenker
David Brewer
Monique Brewer
AnnMarie Brewer
Amy Brisson
Ellen Brodbine
Ann Brodbine
John Brothers
Moira Brown
Christopher Browne
Dennis Broyer
Janet Brydges
Christine Brydges
Syam Buradagunta
Tyler Burchfield
Christine Burkett
Jane Burleson
Michelle Burns
Blair Busby
Sherwood Butler
Jeremy Cady
Daniel F. Cahill
Andrew J. Calamare
Erica Calderone
Nicole Callander
Katie Campbell
Mary Carioto-Moreta
Christina Carr
Darin Carr
Alexander Carr
Amber Carter
John Carucci
Andrew Castronovo
Peter Catanzaro
Alex Catullo
Julie Cavanaugh
Michael Celona
Stephen Centracchio
Ronald Champoux
Jonathan Chan
Julia Chase
Ross Cheit
Ying Chen
Samantha Chin
Mark Chrisos
Lisa Christian
Will Clark
Charles Cleaveland
Sharon Cloutier
JoAnne Cody
Mark Coelho
David Coffin
Pieter Cohen & Lauren Budding
Scott Collins
Athena Concannon
Karen Connor
Elizabeth Conte
Maribeth Conway
Jacqui Cooper
Jacqueline Coppola
Lisa Corso
Pierce Cote
Jessica Cox
John Coyne
Claire Coyne
Brendan Crighton
Scott Crimmins
Lynne Crosby
Joseph Crowley
Lucas Crowley
Joshua Crowley
Rey Cruz
Shannon Cudmore
Cherie Cunningham
Mike Cuozzo
Dorothy Cuozzo
Claire Cuozzo
Jennifer Curley
Sean Curran
Randy Curry
Katherine Dale
Vinny Damaceno
Joanne DAmico
Thomas Dammrich
Cyan Dana
Brittnie Davies
Donna De Matte
Anthony and Danielle DeCotis
Scotty Dee
Mark Deering
ricardo defrutos
Mary Beth DeLena
Diana DeLeo
Staci Dello Russo
Caitlin Demartino
Donna Dematte
Joanne DeRose
John DeSalvo
Chris DeSisto
Donna Desmond
Edward Deveau
Shana Deveaux
Ian Dietrich
Daniel Dilorati
Dylan Dobbyn
Gregg Doble
Nora Doherty
Caitlin Doherty
Aaron Donahue
Christine Donfro
Norah Dooley
Rick Dorci
Christopher Dorval
Alexander Doten
Jennifer Downing
Brian Doyle
Katie Doyle
Maura Driscoll
William Dromgoole
Annemarie Du Bois
Sadiya Dubarry
Nicola Duncan
Jwan Dunoyer
Kathryn Dykas
Rachel Edwards
Kevin Eibensteiner
William & Susan Elsbree
Kennedy Elsey
Maria Epsimos
G.J. Esposito
Bob Evans
Timothy Eynatian
Sean Ezrol
Robert Fairchild
Julia Falk
Angelika Faron
Katherine Faucher
Aleta Fazzone
Jordan Fearon
Courtney Feeley Karp
Judy Feng
Jeffery Ferguson
Carmen Ferguson
Francesca Ferguson
Kathryn Ferrari
Paula Ferris
Juan Figueroa
Michael Fisher
Benjamin Flavin
Thomas Fleming
Lucinda Foley
Kelly Ford
Paul D. Foster
Jennifer Frederick
Danna Freedman-Shara
Nicole Gallagher
Annexies Garcia
Paul Garvin
David Gass
Danielle Gaucher
Karen Gaylord
Ted Gaylord
Amy Gaylord
Philipp Gerner
Robert Gesek
Elizabeth and Ahmed Ghoniem
Emma Goehring
Sara Gooch
Don Gordon
Bess Gorman
Michael Gorvin
Ashley Gosnell
Jim Gould
Rita Grainge
Chris Gray
Christopher Greeley
Elizabeth Greene
Robert Greig
Holly Gross
Robin Grossman
Jim Grunwald
Kara Guglielmino
Jessica Gulizia
Ann Margaret Gutierrez
Bill and Susan Hadge
Peter Haffenreffer
Hugh Haffenreffer
Vanessa Hale
John Hall
John Hamel
Sean Hamel
Andrew Hammond
Margaret Hanagan
Carol Haney
Francis Haney
Marian Haney
Jaime Hanks
Amanda Harrington
Sallie Harrington
Ryan Harris
Susan Harris
Matt Harris
Tracy Harrison
Dwight H. Havens
Karen Hayes
Scott Healy
Ryan Healy
Erin Heinrich
Kathleen Heiser
Paul Henchey
Elaine Hepworth
Seamus Hill
Kelly Hinkel
John Hoffman
Alison Horwitz
Laura Howes
Elaine Howley
Kathryn Hriczo
Gordon Huang
Genevieve Huba
Hull Nantasket Chamber of Commerce
Kelly Hund
Scott Hunter
Pamela Hurlburt
Virginia Hyde
Celia Hyde
Elizabeth Hyde
Jennifer Jackson
Sam Jacob
Susan James
Ian James
Michael Jarvis
Pappa & Lulu Jenkins
Cameron Jenkins
Rae Ann Jenks
Kyle Jessop
Mark Johnson
Joshua Johnson
Jan Jones
Kelsey Jones
Kathy Jones
Louie Joseph
Thomas Joyce, Esq.
Deirdre Joyce
Vijay Kanabar
Michaela Kane
Joung-Mo Kang
Tina Karas
Verena Karsten
Timothy Kast
Mehar Kaur
RJ Keaveney
Erinn Kehoe
Kerriann Kelley
Meghan Kelley
Susan Kelley
Erin Kelley
Polly Kelloway
Kevin Kelly
Kendal Kelly
Einstein Kemble
Dan & Julie Kenary
William F. Kennedy & Annmarie Kennedy
Michelle Kennis
Laurie Kepros
Jane Kepros
Les Kernan
Valerie Kervick
Raffe Khazadian
Ida Khojandpour
David Khuen
Thomas Kiley
Elaine Kiley
Amy Kiley
Rebecca Kiley
Leslee Kiley
Daniela Klaz
Gail Klimas
Ivana Knara
Elizabeth Knott
Caitlin & Will Krzewick
Michele Krzyzewski
Stephanie Krzyzewski
Tara Krzyzewski
Faiza LaBeche
Antonio LaBruna
Kathy Lafferty
Charlie Lagasse
Lauren Laidlaw
Matthew Lambo
William Lannon
Robert LaRochelle
Emily Lawson
Raina Gay Leahy
Michael Lee
Robert Lee
Katherine Leeds
Katherine Legge
Robert Lehmert
Ginger Leib
Christophe Lemaire
Michele Leone
Thomas Letarte
Corinne Leung
Wendy Levine
Jeff Levy
Howard Levy
Annemarie Lewis Kerwin
Andrew Litchfiels
Vincent Lombardi
Carleen Loveday
Ashley Lugo
Ashley Luzadder
Erin Lynch
Jessica Lyon
Holly lyons
Jean Mackey
Caroline Madden
Rita Mahoney
Patrick Mahoney
Brian Mahoney
David Maitland
Jen Maitland
Jennifer Maitland
Monica Manning
Chris Marshall
David N. Martin
Marlene Martinez
Courtney Mason
Frederick Mason
John Mason
Colleen Mason
Daniel Mason
Ashley Mast
Vanessa Mazandi
Michael & Maureen Mazrimas
PJ McCann
Paul McCann
Neil B. McCole
Thomas McDavitt
Cory McDermott
Carolyn McDonough
Emmanuel McDuffy
Lauren McFall
Beth McGuire
Brendan McKee
Rick McKenna
Ian Mckenna
Robert McLaren
Kelli McLaughlin
Alastair Mclean
Jordan McMillan
Daniel Mcnamee
Susan McPherson
Maureen McQuillen
Sean McRae
Kathleen McRae
Mary McRae
Carolyn McRae
Sherlynn Meacham
Chad Mellen
Esser Daniel Melul
Ana Mernick
Jim Miller
James Miller
Rachael Miller
Lana Minacapilli
Michael Minigan
Ellen Minnihan
Phyllis Minsky
Susan Mitchell
Aaron Moberger
Vickash Mohanka
Jeffrey Molles
Jay and Sue Monaghan
Ryan Monaghan
Tim Montano
Scott Mooney
Melissa Moralez
Dominic Moran
Mary Ellen Moroney
Joseph Mosher
Chance Moxham
Brian Mulcahy
Sean Mulready
Michael Murowchick
Aaron Murphy
Nicole Murphy
Sara Murphy
Danielle Murr
Charlayne Murrell-Smith
Gregory Muse
Tanya Mustacchio
Patricia Newman
Conor Newman
Joseph P. Newman
Elizabeth Nicholson
Jared Nicholson
Keiko Nishimoto
Maryann Nudd
Thomas Nudd
Paul Nutting
Thomas O'Brien
Courtney O'Connor
Aidan O'Dwyer
David Oksman
Paul O'Leary
Elizabeth Olsson
Katy O'Neil
June Opsitnick
andrea orlando
Carolyn Orth
Katie Ortiz
Stephanie Ozanian
Irene Page
Lois Paire
Michelle Palermino
Paul Palino
Karyn Pallotta mcgovern
Whitney Parks
Emilie Pastore
Shaun Pate
Katherine Pawlowski
India Peele
Kayce Peirce
Craig Penz
Lauren Pereira
Olivia Peters
Shauna Pieniazek
Damian Pisano
Aubrey Planitz
James Poppe
Krzysztof Poraj-Kozminski
Margaret Pothier
Barbara Pothier
Maggie Powell
Ben Pratt
Danielle Procter
Emily Prouty
Danielle Puopolo
Sheryl Queen
Amy Rabinowitz
Amanda Racaniello
Kevin Radley
Bonnie Raffetto
Debra Randall
Scott Randall
Kelly Randall
Gerald Randall
Lisa Randall
Alexander Ray
Kimberly Read
Brittany Readel
Marcy L. Reed
Jeremy Reger
Larry Reilly
Beth Reisen
Jean Resetarits
Mark Resetarits
Allison Richards
Shauna Rives
Zulfiya Rjevskii
William Robbins
Lauren Rockoff
Frank Rondeau
Josh Rosenbaum
Steven Rosenfeld
Peggy Ross
Karen Ross-Brown
Elizabeth Roux
Jen Royle
Steven M. Rudnick
Jason Ruggiero
Paul H. Rupp
Larry Russo
Chiara Russo
Larry Russo Jr.
Barry Ryan
Jane Ryan
Kathleen Ryan
Michael Ryan
Patricia Ryan
Darla Ryan
Bridget Ryan
Eleanor Saffian
Robert Saklatvala
Kristen Sands
Colleen Sardelli
Liz Sarro
Lea & Elaine Sasso
Merrilee & Edward Sasso
Thomas Scannell
Karen Schilling
Hannah Schleifer
Patricia Schmaltz
Jennifer Schmaltz
Arnold Schmidt
Katherine Schneider
Sam Schreiber
Eileen Scolastico
Rachel Sensenig
Amy Sevigny
Roland Sharrillo
Madalena Sheehan
Robert Sheehan
Michael Sheeran
Luisa Shin Ogawa
Dan Shufrin
Sarah Sievel
Alicia Siimpson
Amy Simon
Dawn Simpson
Steve Simpson
Charles Sipple
Joe Skahan
Brooke Skulley
Alicia Smith
Mary Smith
William Smith
Ashley Smith
Lyle Smith
Jessica Snare
Audrey Snare
Derick Snare
Vann Snyder
Alexandra Snyder
Brittany Sobotka
Rose Solomon
Sejal Soni
Harold Sontz
Ruby Sosa
Brenda Sparrow
Tiffany Spearman
Celia Spell
Elisa Speranza
Matthew Sprague
John Stack
Martin Steinbuck
Hannah Sterrs
Kelsey Stone
SB Stone
Tracy Stoney
Marie Storey
Charles Storey
Lee Strasser
Paul Stuffle
Maggie Suarez
Alek Sudan
Sharon Sullivan
Sara Sullivan
Maryann Gilligan Suydam
Tiffany Szymanski
Kyle Szymanski
Kathleen Szymanski
Zachary Tajerstein
David Talenda
Kenny Tallent
Michelle Talviste
Kerri Tarpey
Jack Tatelman
Joseph Taurus
Johanna Taveras
Neal Taylor
Jeannie Thacker
Billy Theodat
Victoria Theriault
Holly Thomason
Stephanie Thompson
Benjamin Ticknor
Hans Tiefenthaler
Juliet Tierney
Heather Tierney
Ann Tikkanen
Daniel Tocco
Donald Todd
Julie Toland
Sean Toland
Liz Toledo
Lynes Torres
Cindy Toyloy
Betty Travers
Nick Triano
Sara Troy
Robert Troy
Jessica Troy
donna trumpler
Harold Tubman
Richard & Harold Tubman
Robert Tucker
Sandra Tufano
Rosemarie Tunick
Samantha-Rae Tuthill
Carol A. Tye
Jessenia Urrea
Akshay Vaishnaw
Bryan Van Dorpe
Katie and Adrian Van Dorpe
Paul Van Dorpe
Rosemary Van Dorpe
Rafael Vegaconstabile
Susan Viator
Rafael Vieira
Richard Vincent
RoseLee Vincent
Ms. Julie Vitek
Ralph Vitti
Jessica Wagner
Caitlin Wall
Carrie Waller
Mary Ann Walsh
Susanne Warrener
Rosemary Warrener
Justin Warrener
Helen Weeks
Robert Weeks
Liza Weingarten
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Kelly Welch
Hannah West
Harrison Wetherill
Benjamen Wetherill
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William Wissemann
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Kevin Wolf
Meredith Wood
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Bebe Wunderlich
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Moriah Zagaglia
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