Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ready, Set, Fish!

Our fishing activity was quite the experience. First we were separated into groups of two then we were placed onto boats, after I little mishap I ended up being stranded away from my partner. I though the boat I had was cool, I looked like a little bikini bottom. Got to go upstairs for a while and look at the radar and learn more about living on a boat. Everything was moving pretty slowly and all of a sudden there was a fish on the line, Edwin reeled it in.
After feeling a little seasick I went inside to chill out a little. After we got off the boat we got to meet a ton of different people and get autographs 

More adventures at Piers Park

Today we caught so many crabs at Piers Park. Since the kids get so impatient and have a hard time waiting after we drop the crab traps we decided to leave it over night. I think we caught a total of fifteen crabs. I absolutely love that the kids get so excited about going fishing and catching crabs. After we play our first game once everyone arrives they all ask me when we are going down to the dock. Mostly all the kids have no problem with touching the bait to put it on the fishing hook. 

As the weeks go on and we get new kids they are more and more fearless than the last group of kids. A decent amount of them do have a slight fear of touching the crabs though. Some don't pick up the crabs right and get pinched by the small ones but that has only happened to a few of them; with this happening though they now listen to us when we tell them how they should pick them up. 

No matter how many crabs we may have caught or the heat the majority of the kids always get super excited about the crab races. Today we raced three or four of the several crabs that we caught. The few that are not too into the idea of the crab races usually just stay around the touch tank and play with the crabs more until they have to be put back into the water. It's nice to watch all the kids have so much fun and learn how to fish. We do have a couple kids every week that already know how to fish, and they're really helpful- they always go around asking people if they need help or they stay at their line and just teach the other kids that do not know how to fish. 

Esmeralda Mendez

For The Love of Clingy

At McDonough Sailing Center a young girl was fascinated by all the crabs that we had in the touch tank. She was really into the crabs, especially two of them. One a toddler crab that she called "Runner" because every time she put it down it would just try to walk and escape from where ever it was at. It was very cool to see how she connected with the crab so much to give it a name. But that was not her favorite crab. Her favorite crab was a small and delicate baby crab. She called the crab "Clingy" because if she held it long enough it would begin to hold on, or cling, to her hand. She would walk around with clingy and show everybody how small he was. She would even let him walk on the deck to see how fast he would move or where he would go. She kept doing this until something tragic happened, Clingy fell through a crack on the dock and they could not seem to get him out. The kids tried to hold bait in front of him in order to see if he would vote it and pull him up, but he didn't. It wasn't until the little girl was probably moments from tears that Lindsay and I had to spend about 5 minutes trying to finagle the baby crab out of the crack. Once he was out and she was relieved she left Clingy in the touch tank and made sure no one would take him out in order for nothing bad to happen again.

 photo IMG_0036_zpse35e04e8.jpg photo IMG_0018_zps460727ac.jpg

Ummmm.... Tautog?

Our staff is already as awesome as they can come, but when my groups SHE Sam Schreiber noticed two Tautog Fish also known as Black Fish, at, Courageous Sailing Center, we knew that today was a new day. The first to ask me what type of fish we were looking at was another younger camper that also attends, Piers Park named Isiah. Our Monday was just getting better and better! Sam explained to us that we had to be careful in our attempt to score the fish. He informed Isiah and I that these fish were like no other, and their teeth were unique and could CRUSH BONE!

After being informed that they mostly eat crab, you could guess what the mission was....

Isiah caught a crab!

In our strongest efforts, we could not obtain the two beautiful Tautog. Isiah was not upset, he had hope and asked if they were at the dock a lot, then Preston who works the Courageous Sailing Center more than Sam and I told us that they have been around for a week. Despite the Tautog not being caught we all had a great day with catching crabs, and learning new ways of setting up rigs with Sam! Its been a successful first half of the week, and cannot wait for the rest! Logging Out

-Ahmed M. Hassan

Fan Pier Fishing Tournament

I have never actually been fishing on a boat before, so the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament was absolutely something new for me. I have fished on docks at McDonough Sailing Center and the Children's Museum, but never actually gone on a boat to fish. It was a very cool experience to get on a boat and wait for fish to hook onto your line. And my team, waited, waited, waited and waited. We waited a while around Castle Island to see if we could catch anything. Then we went passed Spectacle, Long, and George's Island to see if we would get a nibble out there but we did not. Unfortunately, we couldn't seem to catch anything. While coming back, I heard the captain of the boat say that the water or fish was "breaking", which I guess meant that there was many fishes from where we were initially at before we moved. I learned that I can not really be a fisherman, because to fish you need a lot of patience and I am not a patient person. I would much rather just put the line down and spend 5 minutes fighting/reeling in a fish, than just sit there and wait until something tugs at my line. For me to do something I must be interactive with what I am doing in order to feel as if I accomplish something. I would still do it again because it was a good experience and I actually want to catch something next time. Also meeting Jenny Dell, Will Middlebrooks, and Jackie Bradley Jr. was amazing too.
 photo DSC_0707_zpsedb5887f.jpg photo DSC_0741_zps52fcb078.jpg

Always, ALWAYS Bring your Swimsuit

Hello all,
Welcome to Spectacle
Spectacle Island Beach
This week in the All Access Chapter we were reunited with the beloved Spectacle Island. As anyone who could not enjoy air conditioning knows: Tuesday was HOT! And because our week at George's Island was cut short by a storm and then the Fan Pier Fishing Tournament, it was a little disorienting going back to Spectacle. Due to confusion, I forgot my swimsuit and I regret immensely! Just as a reminder to the general public: when visiting Spectacle Island always bring your swimsuit. This is the end of July and things are just roasting in Boston. Nothing could be more cooling then a dip in the water, especially after a hike to the top of the hill, fishing on the pier or sports in the meadow. I also recommend that you bring flip flops on your next trip. Unless you have the strength of Hercules, it's recommended that you get a good night sleep and eat a well-balanced breakfast before coming out to visit us on the islands. We also recommend that you always have water on you. No one wants to be a victim of the sun. Even though we welcome the suns presence, it can be dangerous. When you visit us please bring water, sunscreen and a hat. Nevertheless it's always a blast when you visit the Spectacle Island and the boat ride to it is quite short. Come soak about all the Vitamin D you need. You are welcome to Spectacle Island and any other of the Harbor islands at any time.
Come out and find me,
Ruth Scott

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What's the Deal with Those Eels?

        Hello again fellow adventurers. Lately at Community Boating, these slippery creatures have been the center of attention. While just about everyone on the dock is drawn to our touch tank, not everyone knows exactly what they are or where they come from. So just to clear a few things up, I am going to tell you more about the American Eel. 

        Don't let the large crowds fool you, most of the on-lookers are very hesitant the first time they approach the touch tank. "Are they electric eels?" has been asked more times than I can remember, and it's not a bad question. When most people think of an eel, the most common one would be the electric eel. However, electric eels are indigenous to South American rivers, and could not survive the cooler climates of North America. American eels, however, are clearly right at home in our local rivers and streams. 
        After the initial look of intrigue and amazement fades away, most of the kids and even some of the CBI staff come to the fearful realization that...THESE THINGS ARE SWIMMING IN THE CHARLES! We are quick to assure that while they are in the river, eels are nocturnal animals, which means the majority of their daily activities take place at night, and during the day they tend to stay on the bottom of the river minding their own business. 

        But what's with all the gloves? Well the eel's primary from of defense is a mucus that it secretes all over its body, making it tough to hold on to. It's a very good defense, because even the best eel wranglers at CBI have only been able to hold on for a few seconds before the eels make a slippery escape! Therefore the gloves allow for a firmer grip on the eels. Maybe someone should start selling gloves to the eel's predators... 
Until next time, keep on exploring! 

The Crabs Are Coming!!! The Crabs Are Coming!!!

It's only been two days at Piers Park and we have caught over 20 crabs, this has never happened and we are all really excited. We have caught three Red Rocks and over 20 Green Crabs, so you know that the Crab races have been pretty amazing. This week had a lot of new Harbor explores and most of them have been afraid to touch the crabs, but they have slowly worked up the courage where they can now take the crabs from the Crab trap themselves. The new explorers are all really enthusiastic and they all are really estatic to go fishing and crabbing. The kids have all been really amazing with the crabs and we have an outstading record of zero kids pinched and almost all of the kids have held at least one crab. The kids are all learning to tell the difference between female crabs and male crabs, they have also had the oppurtunity to learn which crabs are from the harbor and which ones are invasive.

Us and The Rock Crab

Often times working with too many kids can be at times chaotic but these kids have all been such sweethearts and they all work together and are always looking out for each other. Every morning before we head down to the docks we play some games to wake the kids up, this week we played a new game called the Ship Wreck to see how well the kids follow direction and how well they can work with each other. The game has been a total success, all of the kids have proven to be really focused and they all love working with one another. In a game where listening and teamwork are very important the kids make it look easy. I really enjoy playing with the kids in the morning and in doing so I get a chance to get to know each kid on a more personal level. This can really help because we all tic different and when someone is broken it would be easier to spot them and see if I can be of assitanse in any way. Working with these new brave souls so far has been really amazing and I can't wait to continue the week and learn more about each kid.

The crab race

Jazeel Mendes-Chao

Full of Sea life!

    When I arrived at McDonough Sailing Center yesterday I was expecting to catch the same old green crabs and spider crabs. I was mistaken. When Andrea and myself went out to check our traps in the middle of the bay we were surprised to see that there were two skates in one of the lobster traps! This amazed me because I had never seen one at McDonough, and never had the chance to hold one. Everyone on the boat was squeamish to take them out so I finally got that chance right then and there. Initially I assumed that they were stingrays, but they turned out to be a similar looking harmless cousin. Quick fact: Skates are actually related to sharks! Anyway, needless to say when we returned to the dock every camper within earshot gathered around us. The dock was practically sinking with all of their weight!

One of the skates we caught!

    Another pleasant surprise was when we found out that there were lobsters in the traps despite there not being any bait in them! The lobsters still climb into the trap and get stuck. We didn't get a chance to bait the traps over the weekend so we weren't expecting much to be in the traps. The lobsters were certainly a hit as well. Campers asked us many questions about lobsters; from how to tell the difference between male and female lobsters to how lobsters are able to swim. The staff and I had an awesome time sharing our knowledge with the kids and showing them what the harbor has to offer. In our case, the harbor offered us a filling and tantalizing meal!

One of the lobsters!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

2014 Fan Pier Fishing Tournament!

     As always, around the end of July every summer Save the Harbor hosts a fishing tournament for the staff and select groups out in the harbor. Personally, the fishing tournament is my favorite event of the entire summer. For one day the staff gets to take a breather after working so diligently at program sites and go fishing out in the harbor on some beautiful boats. The day began with the staff enjoying a delicious breakfast courtesy of J.Pace. The breakfast gave everyone the fuel they needed to land a huge fish! Afterward the staff and some members of the local Boys and Girls Club were divided among the boats. From there it was game time!

Breakfast time!
     Seeing that I was the previous year's winner, I had high hopes for this tournament. I had the courtesy of being on the Legacy boat with my sister, Thi and my fellow coworker Abdi. In addition, we also had a member from the Boys and Girls Club named Jedidiah. A half hour into the harbor one of the lines bent over with the sheer force of a heavy striped bass. However, when I grabbed the rod and reeled it in the fish let go. I was disappointed, but I knew that the day was far from over. Our captain Rick tried a few of his secret spots but to no avail. Despite the letdown of not catching any fish this time around, I still had a spectacular time out on the harbor enjoying the cool breeze and the refreshing waves.

The staff with the winning fish!

-Vinh Tran
Lead Harbor Explorer

My First Fish!

Well, I have to say today at Community Boating was quiet an exciting and unforgettable day for me. I finally caught my first fish ever! I caught not 1, not 2, but 3 sunfishes. I never really had luck with fishing, but today was a different story. I got pretty lucky. After catching that fish, sitting in that hot beaming sun today, was worth it. I felt a sense of accomplishment. It felt good to say that we actually caught the fish this time and that they were not from the traps.

On top of that, we also tried some new bait today at Courageous Sailing Center. I bet you can't guess. This time we used eels! It sure caught many people's attention. We hoping that we would catch a striped bass with the eels as bait. Sadly, we failed and did not catch anything with them. Then again, it was really windy so it was pretty difficult to cast and fish there.

Well that's all for now
Catch you later,
- Nhu

Sand Sculptures and Touch Tanks on Revere Beach

            This past weekend Lindsay, Luke, Ruth, and I visited the Revere Beach Sand Sculpting festival.  I have been going to the festival each year for as long as I can remember, and the event is always so much fun. The sculptures are always amazing, and this year was no different. The artists are all so talented, and their work was so amazing to look at. There were huge crowds around each sculpture watching the sculptors work.

There were a lot of other fun activities there, and there were tons of people so the sea creatures in our touch take received a lot of attention. The kids loved touching and holding the lobster along with the three types of crabs we had (a spider crab, a green crab, and a Jonah crab). It was so much fun meeting all of the kids and teaching them about the animals that live in our ocean. So many people were surprised that all three of the crab species could be found in the Boston Harbor and off of Revere Beach. There were people from the Boston area and all over the world visiting our touch tank so it was great to meet all of the excited kids and families. 

It was such a fun event, and I can't wait to check out more throughout rest of the summer!

 -Hallie Fox

Hot day at Piers Park

This week at Piers Park we caught the most crabs we have ever caught before. The kids were so amazed in how many crabs we caught. There were over twenty crabs, two rock crabs and the rest were green crabs.
In the past few weeks we weren't getting any crabs, so we decided to leave the crab trap over night to see if we could catch more and it worked. The kids love to play with and pick up the crabs, they also love doing crab races but sometimes the kids play to much with the crabs that they're to tired for the race. They also love the game drip, drip, drench -we played it before we went out to the docks. They have so much fun, they never stop laughing and their energy never gives out.

kids pulling up the crab trap

-Andy Gomez

Good Day, Monday

Kids Singing Lines
Kid Looking At The View

Monday morning I met the team in front of Courthouse Station to walk down to the boats at Rowes Wharf were we got on the Samuel Clemens we sailed of to Long Island to take all of CHV on a harbor cruise.

When we got to Long Island, we a boarded the campers who were ready to explore The Harbor's waters. As we were setting off we told the kids about a song that people us to sing back in the days when they were out in the water, called Haul Away Joe. We told them that if they could make the best original verse for the song they would win free ice cream. We heard some great verses.

After a while we went back to pick up the second group and did the same thing. But this ride most of the kids had more energy because they had just eaten lunch, so we played music and kid were dancing and singing on the top floor. On the bottom floor the kids played card games.

Kids Playing Cards
After leaving the kids back at the camp we went back to dock the boat and enjoyed are rid back on a wonderful boat. Thanks to Mass Bay Line Cruises and Captain Marty for making this awesome trip possible.

- Richard Marrero

Fun Catching Fish

The whole crew.
It was fun coming out on a sunny day and riding in a boat to find some fish. After being in some bad weather for the beginning of the week, we finally got a sunny day for a good time on the water. It was good to get there and see everyone I worked with there. We got to sit down and have some breakfast.

After that we all teamed up with a kid from The Boys and Girls Club who came to fish with us. It was fun to meet all of those kid. The best part about it was that I was on the boat with one kids who would go on to be one of the winners of the tournament.

We moved out on to the sea and to find a good spot to fish at. Another good thing about that day was getting to see a lot of awesome views of the Harbor Islands.

After having a fun time fishing we went back to the dock to find some alumni Patriots players, some boxers, as well as a couple of players from the Red Sox. We also had to a good lunch prepared for us. After spending a good time talking and getting autographs, the day of fishing and fun up, but right before I left they were giving away some of the fish that we caught that day.

- Richard Marrero

Where are the big ones?

Today marked a momentous occasion at CHV. We caught our first lobster! While I am quite familiar with lobsters both in the wild, in other traps, and on the plate, this was the first time that I have caught one at Camp Harbor View.

A small, but handsome fellow. 
Last summer, despite having both a crab and lobster trap out in the water everyday, we pulled in no lobsters. Employees from previous years have also reported similar luck with Long Island lobsters. This could have been due to various factors including, but not limited to, the sandy beach that had been installed at the camp to provide a nice swimming area. Unfortunately for the camp, this area of The Harbor was never meant to hold a nice sandy beach and mother nature saw fit to return the area to the way it once was, as is often the case for man made things that try and contest with nature. This process had been happening gradually over the last few years, but this past offseason a large storm likely rolled in and claimed all of what remained.

With the beach gone it appears the lobsters have returned to the immediate area, as proven by our small catch, and the plethora of lobster traps dropped right near the shoreline and docks at Harbor View. Hopefully we will be pulling more, and larger specimens in as the summer progresses.

Also on the upswing at CHV, is the fishing. This year in fishing club has been marked by numerous catches, though to date, they have all been skates. A little foray on my part showed that the stripers are there in numbers and more than willing to take lures both on and below the surface. Regrettably, these fish were caught in an area too hazardous to take the campers, I however plan to make a return trip on Tuesday during fishing club and hopefully send the kids home with some fresh fillets.

Just a baby, but there are lots of them.
- Happy to be catching,
                Tom Rebula

The Fishing Tournament and After

The fishing tournament was really amazing and one of the most unexpected things happened, I caught a Cod and I was one of the winners. Last week was really great because I did not only bring dinner home, but I caught my first fish that was a keeper. The Cod I caught was exactly 24" which was the legal length needed in order to keep the fish. When I went home I was really excited to show my catch to the rest of the family and when they saw my fish they were all really happy and proud. The next day my Mother made the most amazing "Peixe Guisado" which is basically roasted fish that my Mom added some magic to and it was the best fish I've ever had.
My Cod

This week unfortunately my hot streak of catching fish has ended, but we are still at large with crabs and lobsters. On monday at McDonough they caught 2 skates- I was not fortunate enough to see them because I wasn't working on monday. Tuesday went great because we caught a lot of crabs and most of them were red rock crabs and that's always a good sign. The red rocks that we caught have been the biggest that we have caught this year and I'm really hoping that we don't run out of luck so we can keep on catching more crabs. The kids all really enjoy catching crabs, especially the red rock crabs because we only catch them on rare occasions compared to the green crabs. I know the rest of the week is also going to be great because I know we are going to catch more crabs and I know that the lobster trap is going to be filled with lobsters.

Jazeel Mendes

JetBlue Airways Swim and Paddle for Boston Harbor to benefit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

On Saturday August 9th, 100 swimmers and paddlers will take part in the JetBlue Airways Swim and Paddl for Boston Harbor, a one-mile, chip-timed, professionally staffed, competitive swim followed by a two-mile, chip-timed Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) competition, at the BCYF Curley Community Center at M Street Beach in South Boston to benefit Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.

Bruce Berman, Director of Strategy, Communications, and Programs at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay said, “Ten years ago we were forced to cancel our swim because of water quality concerns on the South Boston beaches.  In fact after several cancellations because of poor water quality, our sponsors pulled out and withdrew their support."

 "Today we are proud to say that the beaches of South Boston are among the cleanest urban beaches in the nation.” said Berman. “We are particularly pleased to announce a new name sponsor for this event, Jet Blue Airways, whose 2500 crew members in Boston share our commitment to promoting  Boston Harbor as a destination for everyone to enjoy.”

Proceeds from the swim will benefit Save The Harbor / Save the Bay, while funds raised from the SUP competition will benefit both the Massachusetts Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation and Save the Harbor / Save the Bay.

Online registration at is open until 5 PM on August 7th.  Participants can also register on-site the morning of the competition on August 9th from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

Swim registration is $50, and the race will be capped at 100 participants. Registration for the SUP competition is $25 - and paddleboard rentals are available for an additional $25. The SUP competition will be separated into beginner and experienced heats.

This year's prizes include round-trip tickets on Jet Blue Airways and great gifts from Harpoon:
  •     Top fundraisers (over $500) entered into raffle for one round trip JetBlue Airways ticket
  •     First place swimmers (male and female) each win 1 round trip JetBlue Airways ticket
  •     Top two SUP finishers (male and female in the experienced race) each win 1 round trip  JetBlue airways ticket
  •     EVERY person who makes a pledge is entered into a raffle to win 1 round trip ticket on JetBlue Airways.
  •     Beginner SUP winners will receive gift cards
Every person who makes a pledge or a contribution to support this event will be entered into a raffle to win a round trip ticket on JetBlue Airways as well.  Swimmers, paddlers, supporters, and sponsors are all welcome to join us on the beach for an icy cold Harpoon beer and treats from Tasty Burger after the swim!

Those wishing to join the party without competing are asked to make a contribution of $25 to support Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's work to restore and protect Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay for residents and visitors to enjoy.

To register for the JetBlue Airways Swim and Paddle for Boston Harbor - or to make a pledge to support a participant - visit:

JetBlue Airways Swim and Paddle for Boston Harbor Schedule:
8:30 - 10:00am Registration
10:00 - 11:00am Swim Competition
11:00 - 11:30am SUP Competition for Beginner participants
11:30 - 12:00pm  SUP Competition for Experienced participants
12:00pm and later Beach Party and Awards Ceremony

About Save the Harbor/Save the Bay

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay is a non-profit, public interest, environmental advocacy organization, whose mission is to restore and protect Boston Harbor, Massachusetts Bay, and the marine environment and share them with the public for everyone to enjoy.

For more information about Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, please visit:

About the Massachusetts Chapter of Surfrider
The Massachusetts Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation was founded in 1996.  They are an all-volunteer chapter composed of local New England surfer/environmentalists dedicated to the preservation of the New England coastal environmental, elimination of pollution, and open access to our beaches.

For more information about The Surfrider Foundation, please visit:

To register for the JetBlue Airways Swim and Paddle for Boston Harbor - or to make a pledge to support a participant - visit:

See you on the beach!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

An amazing fishing trip

Hey it's Marco and this week has been the best week!  This week started off with catching  a stripe bass at the children's museum. As well as  catching green crabs and spider crabs. This past Thursday started off really early. I met every one at fan pier and then we all had breakfast together. Then later that morning we all went off on to the fishing boats, some of us stayed near the shore and others closer to the ocean. That day was a lot of fun in the end I never thought I would be one of the people to win one of the contests. I was able to bring some fish home to my family. The next night we had a cook out in our yard we grilled some of the fish I brought home. It was delicious.  Then on Friday the mlk staff had a meeting at BU. It was pretty cool. I will continue to say this but I am having a great summer and I can't wait to keep having fun the rest of the summer and enjoy spending time and having fun with people.
Holding the winning fish

Bringing my fish to the judge!
See you all on the harbor!


The sea life

Hey it's Marco and today we caught an amazing stripe bass. Each day we have caught crabs ,spider crabs and  some fish.  The types of crabs we catch are called green crabs and they are an invasive species from Asia they have been here for a long time. Wednesday we came to work and it stated raining which was not fun. On Thursday we have a tournament for fishing which will be a lot of fun.this weekend we have a sand castle competition which I think is so cool. I'm so happy because within a week of being here I have been able to conquer my fear of being able to hold crabs  and I'm really excited about it because that is one of the small goals I had hoped to accomplish this summer. This summer is going great because I'm getting to work with little kids and with people who are so nice. I can't wait to spend more time with save the harbor save the bay this summer because I know each day is going to be more and more fun.

Our first catch of the summer
I will see you all at the Children's Museum!


Making new friends


It's Marco!  We just finished up with two days of orientation. Monday, we had the chance two meet everyone and get to know each other. We got two play games and take pictures, and we also got to go to George's island which was really cool. We all got to go in the haunted dark tunnel which was awesome. The first day was pretty cool, because we got to play when the wind blows and a couple of other games. When we were at George's Island, we also went on a tour of the fort on the island. On Tuesday, I found out where I would be working and when I did I was so excited to find out that I would be at the children's museum. During the first couple of days, we were taught about how Boston keeps the harbor clean as well as how to fillet a fish. The first day I met my coworkers.That very same day I got to stand up and speak to everyone and tell them a little about myself which was nice so that people would get a small sense of who I am. The whole first two days were great because we were right by the water and it was a pleasure because the harbor was so beautiful. I look forward to working with everyone this summer and enjoying the great experiences we will have as a camp.

Holy Mackerel a Great Year!

The Annual Fan Pier Fishing Tournament this year was a blast! This has to be my favorite time of the year, even better than new years! I mean who would not want to fish with the kids from Boston, and try to win first place with the largest fish, it is something very different, fun, and I am happy I could be apart of it for the past four years!

I love the way this year is going as of far, and honestly have no problems. My role as a LHE, has helped me teach the kids and help everyone substantially. During the tournament, I helped Preston catch five Mackerel, and had a great time on the Fallon boat. I was shocked when Marcos came to the pier with a huge striped bass and won the tournament, it was awesome watching him and seeing how happy he was. It has been a lot of fun! 

- Ahmed Hassan

The Elusive Striper

Hello All,

On Monday at the Children's Museum, we caught an elusive striped bass that swims in the Fort Point Channel. Team Children's Museum often sees the fish swimming to the surface to munch on some bread around 2 or 3 PM. On this day, Sam, one of our Senior Harbor Educators, was determined to get the striper out of the water.

Team Children's Museum with the Winning Catch
He started with a simple bread hook with no weight attached. Candido, one of our Lead Harbor Explorers, directed Sam to the area that was most promising. It was only 11 AM, but Candido spotted a striper swimming alone near the bridge. Sam casted out with the hopes that the fish would take a nibble; his prey took a bite. When Sam knew that the striper was securely on his line, he slowly reeled the fish in. The tricky part was pulling the fish up 15 feet and getting it over the railing without losing it. Candido tied a rope to a fishing net, threw it into the water, and scooped up the striper. Many people nearby stopped to watch Sam reel in the fish that was about 35 inches and at least 15 lbs.

The Elusive Sriped Bass and I

After we took pictures with the striper and showed the fish to the kids, we put it back in the water, so it could swim freely. Hopefully, we'll catch one again soon. 

See you on the pier,

Iris Ayala