Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Perch in our Trap?

Monday morning I thought that it would be another typical day at Boston Children's Museum... Little did I know that it would be the first day that we caught fish! Our first catch wasn't by a rod, nor was it by the net. The first catch was by one of our crab traps! The feeling that ran through me as I pulled the crab trap up out of the water was like someone realizing that it was your birthday tomorrow! I will run you through it as it happened.

So here I was pulling up the trap thinking "oh we'll just get some more crabs,". Pulling it up I saw that there were, in fact, some crabs. But I didn't realize it then, but I had just pulled up our first fish! After a few seconds of pulling it out of the water I hear "flop flop flop" and the trap wiggled. Now, this confused me so I try bringing it up faster. when I got the trap to the railing, I see it. Inside there was a HUUUUUUUUGE perch! I'm just kidding, it was probably about 3 inches from tail to nose. But at the time, nothing mattered to me. I yelled at the top of my lungs to Melissa "WE HAVE A FISH!!!!!!" Everyone ran over trying to see what I was on about. When they saw it, our entire team was in high spirits. This was the very first fish we had seen all summer! I don't think anyone could have guessed that our first fish would be in a crab trap of all things.

The BIG catch of the summer
However, I don't think anyone knew exactly how awesome our day after lunch would be. Not only did we get another perch, in the same trap if you could guess, but we had a kid that pulled a striped bass up all by himself! We approximate that he was about a 12 to 15 inches, what a catch! Sadly he was far to big for our tank to keep for the kids... So we let the kid take a picture with his fish, and our record holding fish for the summer. Sam put him in the touch tank to take out the hook, which most likely traumatized our poor perch. We let people see him for a few moments before we threw him back, it was a huge shame that we couldn't keep him longer, but we didn't have a big enough tank to.

Come touch a crab, see a perch, have some fun with us, and maybe catch us a big fish!

Hoping to see y'all out there,

Another Day, Another Fish!

We caught a cunner in the crab trap!

Hello readers! It's Jennifer here again with another fascinating week and lots of fun!

Bye bye rain as this beautiful weather takes over. At the Children's Museum filled with bunch of laughter and excitement we've only been catching a bunch of green crabs, which is better than nothing so I shouldn't be complaining quite so much. What was different about this week is that we caught much more than that this time. We caught our very first striped bass this summer with the help of a kid and his dad! We also caught moon jellies and a lot of baby cunner fish in the crab traps !! All of these catches happened in the same day. Most would say it was a lucky day but I say it was the bait. For the past weeks we've been using founder and crabs for bait. This week we tried mackerel! And Oh boy! Thanks to the chain and circle of life with the help of the mackerel we caught fish!

But that's not all! We kept catching cunner on the crab traps. First it was one, then two then all of a sudden four! We caught four Cunner !! We used one as live bait and it didn't work out so well but guess what, patience is key !
Look at that striped bass!

Farewell fisherman ! I'll be back,

 Jennifer Rosa

Into the Dark Tunnels

Hello Again!

This week was the start of our All Access adventures to George's Island. Although this wasn't my first trip to George's, I did receive a jolt of excitement when I heard David tell his haunted tales of "The Lady in Black" to all the little campers. This reminded me of the times when I was a little boy. Although I may have been a lot more gullible back then, I still do believe in those haunted stories. That is why I never get tired of them, I'm always down for another scary adventure.

We made our way to Fort Warren, where supposedly, "The Lady in Black" haunts the pitch black tunnels of the fort. There were also many campers that ventured into the tunnels as well. As they reached for their devices for some lights to reassure their safety, David yells "No flashlights!" The flashlights would upset "The Lady in Black", and the kids wouldn't want that would they; I'm pretty sure even I wouldn't want that! To play a joke, David decided it would be fun if we lured the kids into the tunnel and into a large room. Inside the large room, there was a sliver of light from a little opening outside the room on the ceiling. To scare the kids, David would appear from the dark and into the light with just his hand. This devious plan had great success and I'm even sure it would have worked on me about 10 years ago.

As we made our way back out of the tunnel, I was tasked to walk through it once again to see if any trash was left behind. I would have surely not dared to do this if I was a few years younger, but since I am past the "little boy" stage of my life, I decided that I would be up for the walk. I went back through the tunnels, most of which had some lights shining through from outside, and collected any trash that was left behind. As I safely made it back outside, I looked back into the tunnels. Only about 20 minutes ago were the tunnels lit by the screams and laughter of the children, but now, as I looked back, it was as silent and empty as it once was hundreds of years ago when "The Lady in Black" searched for her escape in these tunnels to find a way out. I took a minute to look inside. I couldn't see anything from the outside, but I wonder if something was looking at me from the inside...

Until next time,

Me and Vince doing some tree climbing on Georges!

crab... crab.. jellyfish... cra- wait WHAT???

Mutant jelly!!!!
On Wednesday we had some crazy things happen! First, we were given a set of prop fishes that the museum found in their storage, which was a huge deal because they were just so fun to use.Sadly, two of them fell in, but we got one of them back at least!

The second thing was the very first jellyfish which is called a "moon jelly" or Aurelia Labiata! The moon jelly do not actually sting people, but when they do it causes a small rash at the affected area. But what was cool about ours was that it was so much bigger than a normal one! It filled our cupped hands when they normally grow up to the size of a sickynote pad! but another thing that was soooo cool about it was the fact that it had 6 horseshoe shapes on the back of it. moon jelly typically only have 4. It was lots of fun holding the jellyfish and going up to kids and saying "blub blub blub" while moving it close to them, most were laughing with me and going along with it, others would laugh while hiding behind their respective grownups, but in all cases we had a whole lot of fun.

 As Monday, our first fish fish was caught at our site, look for another post in the future about it, and we plan on having the biggest catch of the summer! The past week has been so much fun that it will last me the entire year, and I have only grown closer to the rest of my team! I cant wait to have many more adventures with them. Our experiences have brought us close together. We have come up with many ways to pass time during slow times and are as much fun as the busy times, if not more so at times. I feel like we have grown into a small little family that I don't doubt will get even closer by the end of the month! 

So come catch some crabs with us -Garrett

Splashing into the New Week

    Most people complain about Mondays, I, on the other hand, love them. Mondays at the Children's Museum never disappoint. This Monday I got to meet so many kids who really took an interest in fishing and the harbor. While we were fishing somebody's napkin flew into the water and the kid I was fishing with just wouldn't let it go. His eyes got all watery and he kept trying to make me go in the water to get the napkin! Instead we compromised and I used a fishing rod to pull the napkin out of the water. After his environmental duties were done he decided it was time for him to move on to bigger and better things; like the inside of the museum.
It takes a village to raise a crab
   While some kids are interested in fishing, crabs and saving the planet, others have other important things they need to do. A young girl named Maya felt it was exceptionally important that she stick her hand in our touch tank to play with the water. Luckily, the crabs weren't too upset but I knew if she did it again, they would be! So, Maya and I went and found the bucket of fresh water we had just pulled up, that had no creatures in it, and we played with the water! She was splashing her mom and I and laughing so hard when she did! When anybody else came over to put their hands in the bucket she gave them the dirtiest look! It was actually pretty adorable. She wouldn't leave until we dumped the water out and there
was nothing left for her to play with.
    The lesson of the day was not in crabbing or fishing but in sewerage! My new friend Dylan and I decided to draw with some chalk to add to the "ocean" we had been building throughout the day. Dylan, unprompted, drew a picture of a toilet so I asked him "Where do you think the stuff you flush goes to?" and he said "I don't know, the ocean?". I saw an opportunity to teach him about something so I took it. We drew a small diagram of how what we flush gets to Deer Island and gets processed. He was so surprised to learn his waste wasn't just dropped into the water but was processed into something reusable and clean.
Keep Saving the Environment!


Hey there everyone, wonderful day isn’t it?
Today at the Boston Children’s Museum for the very first time this summer we caught a spider crab. The spider crab was a female crab getting ready to deliver her babies. The spider crab that we caught off the bay had bright orange eggs that seem like they playable but aren’t. Some of the children from the Boston Children’s Museum were afraid to touch the spider crab so decided to only touch green crabs. People often don’t know what types of sea creatures the Boston Harbor holds.
A couple hours into the day one of the kids have caught our very first strip bass of this summer. You could feel how excited the kid was as he struggles to pull the rod up. After putting the bass into the touch tank we then took of picture of it with the kid holding it.

Lovely isn't she?
Earlier that day we had caught fishes in the crab traps as well. We also had two moon jellies that we had caught with the giant net. I found it super exciting that we had caught those things all in the same day after a couple of days of not catching anything but crabs. What we used for bait so far would be fish and sometimes green crabs whenever we ran out of fresh bait. Hoping we would catch something new with crab bait every time we tried it we often wouldn’t. Every day at the Boston Children Museum there’s always something new to learn whether its fish related or people related.                                                      Sincerely Edward Calderon

Sunscreen Rain and Crabs

Hi everyone!! This is my third week working at the BEST job ever. On Monday I got to go to piers park again. This time all of the kids were so excited to get started playing all the games that none of them were upset to be away from their parents. There was one kid who couldn't put on sunscreen. His name is Wesley. So, he squirted almost the entire bottle onto his face. It was so funny. It took about 5 people to rub it all in. Then I took him and a girl named Charlie kayaking. I've never kayaked on the ocean before. It was really difficult but also really fun. We went searching for periwinkles and snails.

At Spectacle Island, I went fishing and played sports. The day I went fishing, I found a crab that no one could identify. All of the kids thought it was the coolest thing ever. On the day I played sports, I played football with a big group of kids. Even their counselors joined in. Then Vince, Jaiden, and I all attempted heading a soccer ball. I already know how to but I wanted to show them an easy way to do it. We even tried to get Jen to try it but she was afraid of the ball. Oh and then the best part came. We were about to go swimming when suddenly it started down-pouring. I was the first to run straight into the water. I love swimming in the rain because the water is always warmer. Soon everyone followed and dunked right in too. We started playing catch and throwing seaweed at each other (well that was mostly me).
Right after I headed the soccer ball

I love working here so much. It's like a second life for me. At home I'm usually shy and find it hard to interact with people I don't know. But here I'm completely myself. I couldn't be more happy. I wish I could simply stay here every single day and never leave. I wish it would never end. It my only chance to be outgoing and happy.

Our unique crab 

Until the next adventure ;) 

Closing In on the Big One!

A beautiful picture of the Community Boating sailboats!
At the Community Boating Sailing Center this week the Save the Harbor Team accompanied the environmental Science class coordinator Molly in teaching the kids about water quality and the various instruments we use to measure them. The center had so many cool tools and gadgets for the children to use, I myself was unfamiliar with a few of them! They utilized hydrometers to measure salt content, litmus paper to test pH and water hardness (the amount of dissolved minerals such as calcium and magnesium in the water), and Secchi disks to determine the level of water turbidity. Those kids sure were sharp as many of their hypotheses were in alignment with the collected data; they had even accounted for the fresh water aspect of the River in estimating the waterway's salinity! We closed the class getting down and dirty removing articles of trash from along the River's banks, and even the River itself as many kids labored to reach pieces of trash polluting the River without themselves falling in. Good thing they were young and limber, I'm not sure that these old bones could have contorted themselves in much the same way!

Some campers fishing for our first catch!
Our next stop for the week was to Spectacle Island, which I must confess has grown to be my favorite island. Fishing along the dock yielded another surplus of green shore crabs, though my team and I have yet to lose hope! Today, a striped bass was nearly reeled in, but it was able to wiggle loose before we could get it onto the pier! I was heartbroken, that would have been the first fish caught on the island and was exactly what we needed to break the dry spell. The missed catch, however, has only motivated me even more so as there is no longer any mistaking it-- there are in fact fish there along the pier and they're biting! Only a matter of time now before we haul in a big one!

Be on the lookout for our first catch!
Maxwilliams Iwuala

A Little Rain Never Hurt Anybody!

Hello There!

Tuesday started off like any other beautiful day at Georges Island. The sun was shining and the weather was hot. Luckily, we were back on Spectacle Island. That meant we could take a cold and salty shower in the ocean at the end of the day.

Being stationed at the fishing club meant cutting up bait in the toasty sun. I could smell the squid being cooked in the 90 degree weather. If you smelled me, you would think I was a chef preparing calamari for our harbor guests. I was tempted to wash off the foul smell when I was collecting water for our touch tank. As I placed the tank into the ocean, the waves washed onto my feet. It was so refreshing that I wanted to go deeper into the water, all the way until my body could not longer feel the scorching heat. But as always, duty calls. Plus, if I didn't brought the touch tank back, the crabs would dry out and what would I scare the kids with then?

The Save the Harbor team is the only ones in the water!
As the day came to a close, the sun receded and the clouds came onto the scene. The wind started blowing and the sky became dark. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the rain started to pour. I heard the screams of the kids as they ran to find shelter. I looked onto the beach and it reminded me of a scene from Jaws when everyone would get out of the water when they saw the shark. However, we determined that the rain would not deter us from going for a nice cold swim. We quickly got changed and raced towards the water. The feeling of the rain pounding on my body made me feel as though the ocean was slowly engulfing me in it. Once I got in the water, I felt as though I could stay in forever. Unfortunately, our time in the ocean was short lived. The rain stopped and the sun came back out just in time to dry my clothing for the boat ride back home. What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Until next time,
Henry Liang

Another Great Day by the River

Today on the Charles River we were teaching the kids from the Community Boating's environmental science class how to measure the level of salt in the water using a hydrometer. Most of the kids got readings of 0 ppt, some got ones of 0.6 ppt, of course because the Charles river is a fresheater waterway! Sometimes salt water can come from the harbor, I learned that today from the class's instructor Molly! I didn't know that the water would mix, I thought it would just stay in one place and not go around to different sides. 

We saw a baby turtle, fish and a lot of trash, on the water and on the floor. We picked up all of it up working alongside the kids. The baby turtle was so cute, it was fast too, it slipped into the water before we got a chance to examine it. The fish weren't that big but it's the first time I've seen a fish that wasn't frozen since we've started working this summer because we usually get crabs. We also saw ducks, they were the most beautiful, amazing, and peaceful birds I've ever seen. I love ducks they're really just amazing-- some of the calmest animals I know, I love it! I also like boating, I really can't wait to start boating with the kids, these kids are excited about everything we do when we go out to this site. Little do they know we're the ones learning from them!

Bird floating freely in the Charles River.

            'Till next time,

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Aquapalooza: A Great Way to Spend a Weekend

Just a small sampling of the number of boats that joined us in the harbor.
This weekend, I was fortunate enough to attend Aquapalooza off of Peddocks Island, which was quite the experience. For those unfamiliar, Aquapalooza is essentially a giant party in the water. Everyone rides their boats in, while they listen to live music, eat good food, and have the chance to catch a t-shirt or two! I worked with fellow Senior Harbor Educator Melissa, and our toughest task was simply collecting the tickets of passengers as they boarded the Samuel Clemens, the ship we would be spending the next six rocking hours on. After that, we were free to relax and enjoy the musical stylings of Super-Fly, The Rampage Trio, and Roger Cersei and the All-Stars. Honestly, all three of these bands were high quality, and I highly enjoyed watching them perform, but not as much as I enjoyed watching the (sometimes rowdy) passengers dance! Being the youngest individual on the boat, it was a great reminder that at any age, you're never too old to have a blast and enjoy yourself.
This experience was also a great reminder of the importance of getting our names out there. As Bruce told Melissa and I before we boarded the ship that we really were there to be ambassadors for Save the Harbor. We tried to do well to make connections, and everyone on the ship seemed to love us. We got offered pretzel sticks from one woman, who then stuck around and asked us about our jobs and what we liked about them. Another man asked if he could buy one of our shirts, as apparently they are high fashion. A different man mistook me for a crew member of the ship (our shirts were very similar shades of blue), but when he realized I was with Save the Harbor, was very curious about the work we did and thought it was great! It was nice to meet all of these nice people, and be able to spread the message of Save the Harbor. W
e even got many shoutouts from the bands playing! All in all, it was an amazing day!

The Power of Friendship

I had fun talking to this wacky group of kids one day at Black's Creek!
It's never a dull moment when kids are involved. 
It's been a gloomy couple of a days here in the Greater Boston area, with thunder booming and the threat of rain lingering over our heads each day. However, you wouldn't know it if you took a visit to Blacks Creek. Each day, numerous kids braved the chill and the rain to come explore with us, something that is very telling of the importance of these activities in their lives. They simply did not care that the water was cold (which it certainly was), or that the crabs were difficult to find. They were just happy to be there, and to be out and about in Blacks Creek.

Now that we're getting into the swing of things, many of the kids that visit us during the week are repeat visitors, and as such are starting to really learn the ropes. They know all the rules, how to catch and properly hold green crabs, and what the best spots to catch green crabs, hermit crabs, and the occasional minnow or two. They can easily identify if a crab is male or female, though some of the younger kids might need a gentle reminder as to which shape corresponds to which gender. But while they're building relationships with their environment, they're also beginning to build relationships with each other as well as our staff. It's always nice for me to see a bond forming, whether it be Eric teaching one of the kids how to skip rocks. Or Jahari playing taps with swarms of rambunctious kids. Or Nieomi showing off her crab prowess to the kids. It Also makes me smile when a kid in a different program, who had previously spent time with us, excitedly calls out a greeting to me from the boat he's on. It just goes to show that the work we are doing goes far beyond simply teaching these kids how to catch crabs. By building these relationships, we can be better role models, and therefore help these kids follow our example in respecting nature.

reminiscing in the summer.

Hi guys,

       This week was pretty interesting. As this is the second week at black's creek and children's museum was here I realized everyone opened up more. It's a beautiful thing when you see everyone communicating and smiling more. Yesterday at black's creek Kharliyah joined us and it was as if time didn't pass. We laughed and played sports with Eric and Zach. The kids decided to take the girls' side and decided to play against Eric! But the kids were so excited to catch green crabs and I enjoy explaining to the kids where the female crabs hold their eggs.
moon jelly.

        At the children's museum it was so relaxing. Fishing with the kids honestly brightens the end of my day. A little boy named Vidhar went fishing for about an hour and his mom was proud of him as I was. It was nice to see a child enjoying something natural versus technology. He did something he hadn't done before which is what summer is all about. I learned that even if you're confused about something, don't stop trying to accomplish that goal you set your mind to. 

Talk to everyone soon,

Nieomi Colon

82, 81, 90, 91

Those are the temperatures the Boston Harbor area has been climbing to this week. The days in the 80s feel like 90s and the 90s feel like 100! It is easy to say we definitely in the dog days of summer.

Check out those crabs! 

Despite the heat, nothing can stop our campers from their daily routine. They relentlessly cast their lines, pull up traps, and paddle their kayaks through the water. The games of capture the flag seem endless and the day seems to drag until we get to the park but there is nothing compares to the smile on their faces when they see water on a hot day. The sprinkler is flowing and they can't get enough of the water. Soon enough they are even pouring it on the playground making "water slides". 

As sad as it is to leave the park and sprinkler, we make our way back down to the dock. The kids are getting hot again and are mostly dry. We thought, why not give them some more water? We turned on the hose and started spraying the ones who were willing to get wet. The kids were loving it!  

This moon jellyfish is AWESOME!
Before wrapping up for the day the kids partook in some heavy betting during the crab races, I believe a green crab won and his winnings were getting back into the water first. The kayakers also caught a jellyfish and brought it back to the dock for us all to hold it. So far this week has been a smash hit. 

Stay cool folks

Starting week 2!

This picture was taken on the dock during a safety talk for the campers.

I'm very excited to start week 2 of working at Save the Harbor Save the Bay. Even though I am still struggling to wake up early, it is worth it coming here everyday to get on the ferry and work with the kids fishing with them on the dock. Yesterday I went to Camp Harbor view and I must say it was extremely hot. Once we got off the boat we started setting up our crab trap and gathering our first group of kids. We instructed them about safety and how to fish properly, but surprisingly they were already familiar and had previous fishing experience.

Baiting the fishing rod at Georges Island 

Today I went to Georges Island where we were fishing with the kids and playing sports with them. We did not catch any fish but as usual we caught plenty of crabs! We also used a flounder fish as bait we had to cut it up and as you can see in the picture above I was placing the bait on the fishing rod. We caught Green crabs, Jonah crabs, and Red rock crab. It was raining but we managed to continue fishing and the kids didn't mind at all. Once we caught the crabs they were very intrigued and excited to hold them. We got to show them how to tell the difference between a male and female crab.

                                                                         Vince Vila

Don't always expect crabs in the crab trap!

 photo E296A891-F5E3-4B40-9F33-1C97DAF00865_zps92o7wgcn.jpg
New crab friends
I made my return to the Children's Museum on Monday, and it was definitely a day of surprise. It was a hot, sunny Monday, and as expected the tide was low in the morning. We set out the crab traps, baited the rods, set up some other activities for the kids, and got ready for the day. A few families came to fish while waiting for the long line to become smaller, and we caught some crabs! The kids loved to pet and hold the crabs, most of them not scared, but they did have fun. A lot of families were coming to visit Boston, from Florida, Virginia, Maine etc, and lot of them said the Children's Museum is one of their favorite places!

 photo 306FFE6A-ECB5-4C98-84E6-AEC7D2DE3040_zpsqsx35hgy.jpg
Touch tanks!
Considering the fact that the kids loved the crabs, we lifted up the crab traps every 20 so minutes until we got so much. Throughout the whole day we caught about 85 crabs, most of them through the crab traps, but crabs were not the only thing we caught in them. The tides are usually low, and we have never caught a fish, but we found a perch in the crab trap! TWICE! Garret was so shocked, and so happy because we haven't caught a fish since the start of the summer, and two perches were caught at different times, and it was such an accomplishment for us. Unfortunately, we set it out instead of keeping it, but after lunch the second one was caught so it did not make a difference.

 photo 68BE0465-299A-48DC-9869-65F417A4F4BA_zpsdh6ezyhe.jpg
The professional!
It is funny how we did not catch a fish with a rod, but someone else did! A young boy, about 8 years of age was shown how to cast, and he instantly became a pro. He caught some crabs, a little bit of seaweed, but that was not the highlight of his day, and this was in the beginning of his first time fishing. He caught a large striped bass! The bass was big enough that it did not fit in the bigger touch tank, so we had to let it go, but he had his moment for sure! Hopefully one of us at Save The Harbor Save The Bay can catch a fish too! Until then!

Signing off
Qalid Hassan

Bryozoa Boa

Hello Boston!

Green Crab
This Monday at Camp Harbor View, we willed and wished for fish. Unfortunately, we were still left fish-less! We got our regular lot of rock crabs and had a fun time waiting for any nibbles on the bait though. Towards the end of the day, one camper felt a hard tug and started shouting that he caught something! He pulled with all his might and the kids gathered around hoping for a fish, a shark, anything! As the camper vigorously pulled up the line, we all laughed when we realized he caught... a long piece of kelp!

Bryozoa Boa
Once he got the kelp on the dock, he proceeded to wear it as a boa and walk around with it on his neck. Once he let the boa rest on the dock, we discussed the parts of the kelp. We learned about the steadfast, the blade, and the stipe. We also talked about and how fast various types of kelp can grow; some kelp can grow two feet a day! Upon examining the kelp further, I discovered a colony of Bryozoa living towards the top of the blade. I explained to the campers that this was actually a living organism that was residing on the kelp. When the campers asked what it was, I handed them the guide book and encouraged them to research the answer to their question. After careful deliberation, they told me that this was Hairy Bryozoa. The campers could not believe that something so small and simple was actually alive!

I will continue to keep my fingers crossed and my hooks baited in hopes of catching a fish. But until then, I am enjoying learning about all the things that can be found in the sea with all of the children.

Sea you out there,

Jennifer Leiendecker

The Day I Met Darth Vader

Have you ever met a celebrity before? The other day I had the pleasure of meeting the one and only Darth Vader! At first you could tell he was nervous to touch the crabs or get involved but after some coaxing I got him to fish with me and touch some crabs. Elliot and I had been fishing together for a while when he whispered in his grandmother's ear. I thought maybe I was annoying him but instead he wanted to clue me into his true identity; Darth Vader! He told me all about how he loved to hike and how he never wanted to cut his hair. He told me about how his Nana was one of his best friends which was awesome because my Nana is my best friend too! We talked about our dogs and what fish lived in the Harbor. Elliot showed me his Darth Vader outfit which consisted of goggles, a snorkel, and his Nana's jacket as a cape. When he found out I had never seen Star Wars he insisted I come to his house, all the way in Colorado, and watch the movies with him. Though I politely declined the invitation I did promise him I would watch them on my own when I got home.
Darth Vader posed for a photo op!
   The next day, the Children's Museum was kind enough to bring us out some fake fish to let the kids look at. Somebody had thrown one in and I had to fish it out with the net. It was some great target practice for later when somebody said they saw something floating in the water. It turned out to be a jellyfish! With some well aimed net casting we managed to get the jelly fish and pull it up. We put it in our touch tank, one without any crabs, and gave the kids a chance to see what a real jellyfish looks like in person. The moon jelly was a bit tough to identify at first because it had some odd characteristics but it was well worth it. It was great to catch something a bit different than usual.
   Two days after my first encounter with Darth Vader it was rainy and cold at the Children's Museum but I still got the surprise of the week. Elliot (AKA Darth Vader) came back to visit me! Him and his Nana ate lunch outside so Eliot and I could hang out! He told me all about Colorado where he is from and was so excited to be hanging out with me my heart melted just a tiny bit! His Nana insisted we take a picture together. It was great to make a new friend.

May the Force be With You!

Our crazy Tuesday at CHV

Hey everyone, Maeve here! It’s so great to be back at Camp Harbor View again this summer. I really missed things like taking a boat to work and fishing everyday because I have a very unique job. Monday was a pretty normal day which consisted of the sun beating down on us. We fished and met some new kids like usual. The next day, Tuesday, was quite different. In the morning we knew that there was a possible chance of rain later but that didn’t bother us because the sun was out at the time so we went on with our routine. We got our rods ready, cut up some bait and checked the crab traps.

We added the crab so our lobster could have a friend
There were two crazy things that happened on Tuesday and the first was when we checked the crab trap. When Preston and I pulled up the crab trap there was a lobster in it! It was pretty ironic because last year we had lobster traps and we didn’t catch one lobster and now we had a lobster in the crab trap. We put some rubber bands on the lobster's claws and went to show the kids. I think our senior harbor educator, Kristen, was just as excited about the lobster than the kids were. We kept the lobster in a bucket all day and gave it new water periodically so that we could show all the kids that cycled through our station. Something cool I learned that day about lobster that I did not know before was that lobsters are “immortal”. If a lobster isn’t eaten by us humans or bigger predators, they will never die. Nobody has ever found a dead lobster and I think that is kind of creepy.

cloudy view.jpg
This was our view of Boston right before we got rained on!
The second crazy thing that happened on Tuesday brings us back to the weather. We were in the middle of our third rotation and I was sitting there fixing a rod and it started pouring rain. The drops were so big and we didn’t even have any warning. We got soaked just running to the shed about 50 yards away and the rain didn’t give up for like 15 minutes! Luckily, once the rain stopped it became a beautiful day again. By that point in the day it was time for us to go home and we showed some last kids the lobster and then we put it back into the ocean. I'll keep you guys posted on our unusual finds in the crab trap at CHV! -Maeve Fittz