Saturday, July 30, 2016

The “Simply Marble-ous” Treasure Hunt


Save the Harbor’s “Simply Marble-ous” Treasure Hunt:
Just like Pokemon Go,
with real treasure and real flights from JetBlue!

If you find a 1 inch frosted blue marble on one of the Boston Harbor’s public beaches
from Nahant to Nantasket between now and Halloween it could be your lucky day.

Just post a picture of yourself with your marble on the beach @savetheharbor on
Facebook or Twitter and you could win two round trip JetBlue flights to any domestic
destination they serve from Boston’s Logan Airport as part of the 5th Annual “Simply
Marble-ous” Treasure Hunt for JetBlue Flights.*

Save the Harbor interns Jennifer Barrack and Eileen Dalessandro
helped "release" 30 pounds of marbles on the region's public beaches.

The JetBlue “Simply Marble-ous” Treasure Hunt began in 2012 on the beaches of
South Boston with a beach clean up sponsored by JetBlue’s crew members in
partnership with Save the Harbor. In just a few short hours, more than 100 people did 5
weeks worth of work cleaning up the beaches in South Boston. At the end of the day,
the participants released blue marbles on the beach for beach-goers to find, starting a
tradition that continues to bring fun to beach goers and treasure hunters alike.

"Many of JetBlue's crew members volunteer for Save The Harbor/Save The Bay each
year. It's just one way we highlight our commitment to the city of Boston," said Ronda Ivy
McLeod, Manager of Regional Marketing, Northeast, JetBlue. "The Simply Marble-ous
Treasure Hunt is a favorite among crew members. It's a live example of our fun value in

“In the five years since we began this event with our friends and partners at JetBlue,
Save the Harbor and our corporate and community partners have removed more than
150,000 pounds of trash and debris from our beaches,” said Save the Harbor’s
spokesman Bruce Berman. “To celebrate we have “released” 150 pounds of blue
marbles on DCR’s beaches in Lynn, Nahant, Revere, Winthrop, East Boston, South
Boston, Quincy and Hull, and at Treasure Beach on Spectacle Island. Find one and you
could be this year’s winner.”

According to Berman, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay will be releasing 30 pounds of
blue marbles this year to celebrate Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s 30 th Anniversary at
30 free “Better Beaches” program events that include summer concerts in Lynn, the
sand sculpting festival in Revere, beach festivals in Winthrop, East Boston, South
Boston, Dorchester and Quincy, and at the Harbor Illumination Festival in Hull.

You can download a calendar of this year's events here.

“Like Pokemon, the marbles are not easy to find, but that’s part of the fun,” said Berman. “If you need a hint, ask Mary Read the Pirate or one of our 34 our youth program staffers for help at one of this year’s free beach events. If you still can’t find one, don’t despair. You can buy a
“Virtual Marble” online for just $10 so you can join in the fun.”

*Though the fun is unlimited, some restrictions apply. To find out more about the
“Simply Marble-ous” Treasure Hunt and Save the Harbor and DCR’s Better Beaches
Program, follow @savetheharbor on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit their website at

Friday, July 22, 2016

Monkeying Around

Hey guys! Happy weekend! Today at Carson, we had the pleasure of hanging out with a group called "Let's Get Movin'" from East Boston. The mission of this group is to promote physical activity and strength to children from ages eight through fourteen. We had a group of fourteen girls, ages ten to thirteen, join us today for some beach fun! Our original plan was to engage in some sports games and fun on the sand. But this heat?! No way! All of the girls wanted to go swimming, and us harbor explorers were not opposed to getting a little wet on a day like today (it comes with the territory of Carson). But instead of calling it a wash, we decided to join the two ideas together. We brought our volleyball into the water and slowly but surely got a little game going. At first some of the girls seemed nervous or shy to participate in some light fun. But soon enough, our circle got bigger and bigger and I think they realized that I was not very good either (I cannot speak for my fellow explorers, but I am no volleyball star). Here are a couple of photos at the beginning of the activity.

Well, I guess I cannot say exactly how it happened, but then the game morphed into some volleyball-turned-monkey in the middle activity. It was hilarious! If the person in the middle got the ball, whoever had touched it last had to switch and become the new monkey. To be honest, I was the monkey twice (see the photo! Sigh.). And let me tell you, it was stressful! I was trying to "get up" as Preston would say, but not so easy with running shorts weighing you down in the ocean! It was hilarious. My favorite part was the dedication that these girls showed: diving for the ball, jumping up so high to get it, swimming out to it if it left the circle, so that the monkey would not get there first. It was amazing! I think overall, this group had a ton of fun getting moving and still staying cool on this hot beach day! And I may have been in a polo and shorts, but nothing was stopping me from joining the harbor fun!

Enjoy your weekend explorers,

Bridget M

Fun and Exhausting

In just one amazing Tuesday, I got to interact with more kids at Blacks Creek than they'd ever had in one day. Some faces were new and some were familiar, with different ages and different personalities. But they all have one thing in common: They have an insane amount of energy! Their energy makes  me feel like I'm about to retire! I wish I woke up with half the energy these kids have. Here's a picture of the many kids we had, being silly and having fun.
What I did with the kids was play catch. During this, most of them learned that they got the skills to pay the bills! We also brought\back an old game of "taps" that I haven't played in years! Of course I was one of the first people to be eliminated after trying to dive after the ball. At least the effort was there. While I was playing catch with some of the kids, the others were out catching crabs, hermit crabs, snails and minnows. In the end, I had a lot of fun interacting and actually befriending a bunch of the kids by bringing out the sillier side of me.

These Skates Must Love Me

Hi everyone,

Its Andrea back again to wrap up the week at Gegorges island. Yesterday, was the end of the week out on Georges island. It was really hot out but Kharlyia and I made it through fishing. We had about five different groups that had signed up for fishing but only two groups showed up. With that being said, the two groups that showed up had more time than usual to fish. They were really small groups too. The first group only had three kids and the second group had about ten. When those groups were fishing, they did not catch anything on the fishing rods but they did catch lots of crabs in the crab trap. Once the groups were done fishing, they went about exploring Fort Warren because many of them had never been to Georges island before.

The last hour or so, Kharlyia and myself were left alone on the fishing pier. That meant that we were fishing just the two of us. We changed it a little bit. Instead of fishing at the same spot we split ourselves. Kharlyiah went fishing on the opposite side by the visitor center and I went fishing in front of the Boston Harbor Cruises dock. Fishing at Georges is very difficult due to all of the boat trafficking of Boston Harbor Cruises and water taxi coming in and out. Somehow where I was fishing, I kept on getting a lot of bites. Every time I had a bite, I would yell out for Kharlyia and she would come running down to me to see if I had caught a fish. Unfortunately, the bites was not what I was expecting. I was looking for some striped bass but I ended up hooking a skate. Kharlyia was brave enough to push down on the spiky skate as I removed the hook from its mouth. At first I thought that the skate did not make it but once we put it in the touch tank, it was alive so we sent it back to the ocean. No mattet which site I go, I always catch skate while aiming for some bass. Its like the skates knows me really well or they just love me. Although its not a bass, I still get excited because I get to tell the kids that we did catch something. The kids finds it really interesting how it looks like a sting rat. ai may not catch what I want but atleast I always end up catching something. I am really loving fishing with the kids. I cant wait to catch more and more stripe bass and skates.

Until next time !!!

- Andrea Lopes

Fun at Carson Beach

Hi everyone,

This week I went to Carson Beach on Wednesday, and we worked with a group of kids from MassStart. Before lunch, the two groups of kids rotated between playing volleyball and frisbee. We taught the first group some basic volleyball moves and tried to get a game going, but the sand was very hot, so we ended up moving our game into the ocean to cool off our feet. It was fun watching the kids learn how to play and get into it!

Going over the volleyball basics with the group

Trying to hit the ball!

After the groups played volleyball and frisbee, we had a break for lunch and then went down to the water again to build sandcastles and search for hermit crabs. The tide was very high at this point, so it was challenging to find the hermit crabs and periwinkles. Sometimes, when the tide is low, you can find a ton of creatures just by looking down into the water. Fortunately, we did find one hermit crab, and the kids were really excited to see it and build it a sandcastle home. When it was time to leave, we returned the crab to the ocean and packed up all the sand rakes, buckets, and shovels.

Playing near the ocean

Overall, it was a fun day, and I hope the group comes back to Carson Beach again!

Until next time,

Thursday, July 21, 2016


"Bella crab"
Isn't it funny how we caught a baby flounder in the crab trap instead of a fishing rod? It was so cute and small. And quite frankly I have only seen a big flounder while doing our beautiful fish prints. That reminds me! Last Friday we had an event at Atlantic Wharf, where we enjoyed fishing, crabbing and finding the mysterious blue marbles. We also had some fabulous lunch and had UBER Ice cream. Although it was a very hot and humid day, that did not stop us from doing our activities with the kids. meanwhile the one day I'm not at the Children's Museum I heard that they caught a stripper! Man that must've been very blood rushing trying to not break the line. So proud of our crew! Last but not least meet the Bella crab as everyone said. It was small and cute as a button! I wanted to take it home but as we all know we're all catch and release. ~Isabella Perez-A.

The Journey with the Harbor

This week my group and I were at Blacks Creek. Today we had more kids show up to explore the harbor than we usually have. The kids wanted to get inside the water first, so we did. The kids use life jackets when out on the water. Groups of the kids worked together to catch things. So far they have gotten green crabs, shrimp, fish, minnows, snails and clams. Today the kids were excited to see everything we caught. So excited they wanted to bring their finds home to show their parents! Many of them enjoy the brackish water, especially on hot days.

After playing there we went to go do fun activities with the kids. At the field we supervise events like Kickball, Capture the Flag and Uncle Sam (which is like Sharks and Minnows). The kids love playing and being part of those activities.

After the morning at Blacks Creek we headed back to Courageous Sailing. We started off cutting the bait to small pieces. Some kids and counselors even checked the crab trap to find out we had a larger sea star and Atlantic rock crabs, plus the usual green crabs! The kids enjoy seeing the sea animals and fishing on the dock. At the end of our day for both sites none of the kids want to leave: that's how
much fun they have throughout the day.
-Edward Calderon


CBI fishing

These past two days I was at Community Boating, and besides the hot and humid weather, it was fun. We caught lots of sunfish, like Pumpkinseed sunfish, blue gill sunfish and lots more. The kids were really excited and having a good time. We started the day with an Environmental  Science class with the kids and Harry (who is part of the CBI Staff). We were talking about what is good for the harbor and the bad things that will make the harbor dirty and polluted. The kids were really engaged during the class. They kept asking lots of question and answering them as well. After the class we got ready to go fishing at the Esplanade. We used worms as bait and the fish kept "Boomin". We caught at least 20-30 fish that day. The kids were competing with each other to see who could catch the most fish. It was really fun seeing the kids enjoy themselves and learn new things at the same time.
This camper caught his 7th fish!
Until next time,

Method Man

Hey guys its Jahari here again with a new blog! So this week hasn't been as exciting as last week but there is one new cool thing that I have learned about myself. I noticed that I have been getting more comfortable with the people that want to learn how to fish or look at the crabs that we catch. So whenever a kid comes by and wants to fish, I try to make them as comfortable as possible by making them laugh or making them feel good about how they are fishing. So I crack a few jokes here and there from time to time because once you make a kid laugh they get less shy and want to keep trying. And whenever they are fishing I would give them a compliment or clap for them when they cast out the line because then after that they start to feel good about their fishing and this also makes them want to fish more. These methods work because I have literally seen three kids come back just to fish which they have never done before. I know I will come up with new methods later on but for now I am pretty solid at this. I love seeing the smile on the kids face when they feel good about themselves!

A New Invention

On Thursday at Piers Park, we did fish printing with the kids. After decorating the fish with the kids' designs, it was time to get the rice paper and print out the fish. Sadly, we brought the wrong type of paper. We brought wax paper instead of rice paper. But with this little mistake, it helped turn something into a new invention. FISH PRINTING A SHIRT. What???

 That has never been done before in Save the Harbor history. Sean and I had the best idea to have the kids sign their names on the shirt that we fish printed to remember this "historic" moment. Even the staff at Piers Park Sailing Center signed the shirt because they were there to help with and witness this moment. The smiles on the kids' faces were like, "Woah, I did not know you could do that." We didn't either! It was a new experience for everyone, even staff and kids that were at Piers Park last year and came back this year. I hoped this summer was going to bring me new experiences and surprises and this activity definitely did.

  Til next time 

Piers Park: The Dock

My last two blog posts have been devoted to the areas at Piers Park that we use the most: the field, where we play various games on the grass, and the playground, where we climb, slide, and splash! Today's blog will be the final of the series and is dedicated to the main attraction at Piers Park: the dock.
On the dock, our Harbor Explorers really get to explore the harbor by adventuring the seas with a few of our water vessels, and by coming into close contact with a number of different ocean specimens. Because we are located at a sailing center, we appropriately, get to go sailing! Myself and a number of our kids had never been on a sail boat before attending camp at Piers Park, and we were amazed by the intricacies of the sport. I'd never realized how tactical the sailing process was! The crew was constantly darting around the ship, pulling lines and swinging booms to steer us around the Harbor. During their hustle, I was able to sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze, while the Harbor Explorers enjoyed dipping their fingertips into the rushing water as we carved through the bay. 

We also take advantage of the many Kayaks that the Piers Park Sailing Center has to offer. The kids say that they want to paddle, but after a few hard strokes with the oar, they realize how tiring it can be. I don't mind using some extra elbow grease and picking up their slack. I actually really enjoy being able to give them a tour of the nearby attractions that the Harbor has to offer. One location that we always hit is the critter covered rock wall that acts as the left perimeter of the sailing center's bay. The rocks are covered in seaweed and other slimy plants that our squirmish campers try to avoid, but with encouragement from myself and their peers, most of them overcome their fears and become comfortable with the vegetation. One week, we even had a seaweed fight between kayaks! At the rock wall, the kids also enjoy finding little sea snails called periwinkles, and depending on the tide, starfish! When the tide is really low, we are able to see these uniquely shaped animals at the bottom of the shallow water, and last week we were able to grab a few by strategically using paddles, and getting a bit wet.

I also enjoy taking kids under the pier at Piers Park, where the air is cool, the water is murky, and the darkness prevails. This is great place to tell haunting stories about my experiences with whirlpools, sharks, and mysterious faces under the water. Of course, these are all "true stories," and the kids can't wait to hear the next Boston Harbor tale that I have to offer. I'll have to tell a story or two in an upcoming blog post!  
On the dock, we catch other sea creatures as well. In a previous blog post, I described what we use as bait: the shellfish, mussels. These animals are especially easy to catch because they don't move! They live in mussel beds under the dock, and we can grab many at a time just by reaching over the dock's edge. When we pull up a handful of mussels, along with them comes a number of other small and mysterious creatures. We've pulled up tunicates, which are weird formations of fish eggs, sea worms, which when full grown have pincers that will pinch their captor, and a bunch of tiny shrimp looking creatures that remind me of larvae, or baby insects. I think that these creatures are some sort of immature nematode type water animal that are in their beginning stages of life and will eventually grow into some delicious fish food! 

We also use fishing rods and crab traps on the dock. Every week, we teach the Harbor Explorers how to correctly use a fishing rod and explain how the crab and lobster traps are so good at catching these specific animals. The kids are overly eager to pull up traps and usually their impatience results in an empty cage, but with or without a catch, the thrill is in hauling up a potentially massive load of crabs and other surprises! In the past, Save the Harbor has caught fish and lobster in these traps, and the anticipation of a big find is invigorating. The summer is just beginning, and one of these days we will pull in a dinner-worthy fish or lobster for some lucky campers to bring home and I can't wait to witness the excitement! 

P.S. The view from our dock is amazing! 

Triple Threat!!!

Twins, twins, twins!
Hey guys,
This week at Piers Park we had three sets of twins! All three sets were identical, except for a few minor things.
 These two girls are Keira and Kylie. They look exactly the same but their personalities are complete opposite. Kylie was much more competitive in the games, and got upset when you would call her Keira by mistake. Keira was more of a go with the flow type of girl and did not mind when you would mix the two of them up. However each of their favorite activities tended to be catching crabs. The both of them loved picking up the crabs, watching them in the touch tanks, and having crab races.
These two are Ryan and Kyle. Now they aren't completely identical in their appearance but they are identical with their personality. They are both super energetic and super interested in every single thing we do. They love fishing, catching crabs, going on a sailboat, playing games in the lawn, learning and going kayaking. They seemed to love everything that we did, especially on the dock. 
These last two were Jhordan and Dhorien. These two were a handful because they are exactly the same in every single way! They are both super high energy, and super interested in everything and neither of them follows directions. They are still great kids at the end of the day, but they are always asking "Can I go fishing? Can I go on a kayak? Can I pick up a crab trap?" all the time. It is great to see these kids so interested in what we are doing here at Piers Park. 
Well thats all for this week, look forward to blogging again! #Twins #PiersPark2k16

I... Am... Odell

Hey guys its Preston again! Let's get a few things straight. shall we? Yes, that was a catch. Yes, that was a touchdown. And yes, the kids do call me Odell. Now that we've gotten that out of the way: Tuesday's football game was honestly the most thrilling game of football that I have played in a while. Both teams weren't giving up an inch. But as we all know, there had to be a winner. 

Team Odell vs Team Joe; it was a hot day, but the kids came with their game faces ready to play. At first, it was a hard fought game. With neither team scoring in the first 20 minutes, the words "10 minutes left" echoed the beach as the camp counselor screamed at the top of her lungs. It was crunch time for both teams. With a quick score for Team Odell, Team Joe was now pressed for both time and points. With 4 minutes left to go, Jaylen from Team Odell quickly turned around and scooped a fumble all the way to the end zone. Now up two scores, Team Joe needed to turn it around, and needed to do it fast. 

As both teams huddled up for what was about to be the last play of the game, it was do or die: next score wins. Team Odell came too far to let Team Joe take the victory! I remember it since it was yesterday. The ball was in the air, and it felt like slow motion. Whose hands would it fall into? Mine, followed by two members of Team Joe. I looked up with one eye, while sand was in the other. The ball hit the ground. Incomplete pass. Team Odell took the win, but narrowly. The kids celebrated as they jumped and skipped to a well-deserved lunch break. I looked at Joe and said "that was an amazing game." We both laughed and started making sand castles. It's just the beginning of summer, and I hope for more football games like this one. This one will go down in the books for me. Until my next blog, Preston. 

Skates in Georges?

Hi everyone,

I am back once again. This week, All Access Boston Harbor is out on Georges island once again for the second time this summer. The first week at Georges was great because we did something very new that we had never done before. We caught some striped bass. This week though, it has been a little different. On Tuesday, we did not catch anything and fishing didn't really go as planned because everyone wanted to fish and there was just not enough time for everyone to fish.

Tuesday was a little hectic but with the help of some of the JPAs, we were able to slow things down.
Yesterday (Wednesday) was our second day on the island. Fishing went really smooth because this time I made sure that it was more organized. I only let the groups who signed up for a time slot for fishing, fish and this time we had five different groups. I made fishing a first come first serve basis just to make it fair for every other group and myself as well so I wouldn't have a chaotic fishing moment. Many other groups that wanted to fish, could not fish because all time slots were already taken. When we got to Georges island, I casted a fishing rod which I call my especial rod and in five minutes I had already caught a skate. I was really excited to catch that skate because in all of my three summers working here, no one has ever caught a skate in Georges. It was not a fish but it was something cool and interesting for the kids. Unfortunately, the skate ended up escaping from the hook as I yelled out for a picture from Kharliya. Guess what though? It's cool because when I casted out one more rod, I ended up catching another skate and this time kids were around so I asked one of the kids to help me reel it in. We were able to bring the skate on to the dock when one of our JPAs whose name is Chris helped me take out the hook from its mouth. I was really shocked that we actually caught two skates out in Georges. We have not been lucky with the fishes at all but we have been very lucky with the skates every where we go. I am really looking forward into catching some more striped bass in Georges sometime tomorrow, next week or by the end of the summer. Fishing is becoming a hobby and I am loving it, especially knowing that I run fishing for All Access Boston Harbor.

Keep on fishing !!!

- Andrea Lopes

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Twins, Twins, and Twins!

Our new batch of Harbor Explorers are the wildest and most energetic kids out of the past two groups! Not only are they a lively bunch, but there are also three pairs of twins! A lot of these kids told me that they have fished before and have caught nothing until they were with us. Since Monday I got to see these kids get super excited pulling up crab traps with tons of crabs! Here's one pair of the twins from this week!

These kids are crafty! One of our harbor explorers who will go by the name of "Mark" faked his dizziness during Capture the Flag, eventually stealing my team's flag for the opposing team's victory. This next picture just shows you just how intense Pier's Parks gets for Capture the Flag!

One of the Harbor Explorers who goes by the nickname "Superman" became less shy in front of the staff and other kids! This little guy is so brave and courageous! You can tell he was really nervous and shy day 1 when he left early due to being uncomfortable, and by the end of day 3 he was up and ready to run around with the other kids for the whole day! I am glad that our staff were able to help him come out of his shell and that his fellow harbor explorers were able to get along with Superman so well.

Also Tuesday was my birthday! Amanda, Ary, Sean, Paula, Cris and Zac all had a part to play in throwing me a surprise birthday celebration after work! These folks were the frosting to my cake, making my birthday phenomenal! We did not have any forks so we ended up using Doritos as spoons to scoop up ice cream cake. At the end of the day, some of the Pier's park staff told us that the it's tradition to jump off the dock and into the water on your birthday. I thought to myself, "Who would ruin such a great tradition?"

This was an awesome birthday week, and thanks for reading this!
Raymond Chai

Knot Tying and Fish Trivia

At the Boston Children’s Museum, our two activities for kids are a crab touch tank and fishing (real fishing and a felt fishing game for the very little ones). So, as of right now, not much.
Monday, Tuesday, and parts of Wednesday were slow this week. The amount of people we see is affected by a) how many people are coming to the museum and b) how hot is it outside. This Monday this week was brutal in terms of heat (wear sunscreen, kids) and Tuesday was slow. Wednesday picked up (hey, we caught a fish!), but that still left a lot of down time to think about different activities. So I brainstormed. My main thoughts this week have included: how can I make this even more interesting for kids? How can I make learning fun? What will they want to learn? And I came up with some plausible ideas that I hope to implement soon. My ideas are knot tying and fish trivia.
I’ve done several years of sailing camp, and one thing I got fairly good ad was tying knots. We had a length of orange rope we had cut pieces from to tie a sign up, so I thought why knot use it to teach kids about knots? (I’ll leave now.) Anyways, I have several different types of knots set up for kids to look at. Figure eight knot, double figure eight knot, square knot with one and two strings, barrel knot, and a few more. I’m considering adding a few more, but for now it seems to be working. Figure eight knots are by far the most popular, and they’re fairly easy to teach.
Crab and fish trivia is my other idea. I’ve still trying to figure out the questions and possibly prizes (stickers and/or stamps are the most likely ideas right now). Hopefully how it will work is there will be five to ten questions. You need to answer a certain amount correctly to win, but you can take the test several times. All the questions will be based on things we teach kids (how do you tell the difference between a girl crab and a boy crab, for example). Part of the goal will be to get the kids to ask questions about marine life and fishing. Hopefully the prize of a stamp or sticker will get them to ask questions and learn a thing or two about fishing. It’s still a work in progress, but I think it has some potential.
Part of my favorite thing about working at Save the Harbor Save the Bay is how I can be creative and think of different ways to get kids involved in learning. Something that took me a little while to learn was that if I am interested in something, I will learn everything I possibly can about it. And if something is fun or engaging, I’m going to remember what I learn. I want kids to walk away remembering how to tell the different between a girl and a boy crab, how to tie a figure eight knot, not forget it as soon as they walk into the museum or leave. I want to teach them, and have them remember it.

The Knot Tying Station

A Figure Eight Knot (the Popular Kid on the Block)
Crab Based Trivia Hopefully Coming Soon

Sarah M.

The More You Know

Hello again fellow adventurers!

This week at Children's Museum the old saying "you learn something new everyday" has held true! Being a marine biology major, I take pride in being able to bring my knowledge on the subject forward to anyone who is willing to listen. For most of the young kids (and even most of the parents) that come pay us a visit at the Children's Museum, they are seeing and experiencing a lot of things for the first time! From touching a crab for the first time, to casting a fishing pole, its an awesome feeling to see the looks of excitement on both the kids and their parents faces.

Seaweed Camouflage!
For example, the other day we pulled up a creepy-crawly spider crab from our crab trap. Although it was not the first one we'd seen, it was the first we saw that had seaweed growing off of it! In reality, the seaweed isn't actually growing out of the crab, instead the crab actually attached the seaweed to its shell! In order to protect themselves from predators, spider crabs have developed an almost hoarder mentality of collecting algae and other foliage to create their own make-shift camouflage. In more tropical parts of the world, spider crabs will attach anemones and even pieces of coral to themselves to blend into coral reefs. In Boston harbor however, the dark murky bottom limits these crabs to using algae and other dark plants. Although they might fool their predators, this camouflage is no match for a crab trap when they wander in looking for a mid afternoon snack.

This week we also began implementing a new activity to our program, knot tying! Any professional sailor (or pirate) knows the importance of knot tying, so we thought it might be fun to teach kids and parents alike some of the most common maritime knots. While I've become square knot pro, arguably the easiest knot to tie,  Sarah is by far the pro. At first some of the kids didn't seem very interested, but after watching Sarah make the knots look like a piece of cake, everyone was eager to test their knot tying skills. Mine might still need some work, but I'm getting better every day, and now some of the kids and their parents can learn something useful for the future, especially if being a full time pirate is your life goal! I'm excited to see what the coming weeks have in store for us at the Children's Museum, and I can't wait to keep sharing my knowledge of the sea with those that come to visit.

Look at all those knots!

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C.

What's New At Blacks Creek

I'm back to report to you on more fun things at my original site: Blacks Creek. We have a new guest with us, Emily, and she has been great. We've all been getting to know her and showing her how we do things and how to have so much fun at Blacks Creek. This week we had a lot of new friends joining us, and that's been really great. Kids are telling their friends, cousins and siblings to come join us for some fun at Blacks Creek!

Yesterday we had a great day because we had about 50 kids and we caught so many things. We caught over 20 hermit crabs, 15 green crabs mostly female crabs, over 30 small fish, and about 5 shrimp. That was the best we've done so far throughout the summer! Each time the kids caught something they would run over and show the blue shirts (aka Save the Harbor staff). Our touch tank was getting so full we had to let some of its inhabitants go. Other kids would build little houses for the hermit crabs close to the water. The houses were surprisingly very good and very creative but also very high up so the hermit crabs wouldn't escape. I taught the kids how to grab the green crabs the correct way so they wouldn't get pinched. We also put down a crab trap by the dock to see what we can catch for tomorrow morning. Then we'll be able to show the kids the difference between male and female crabs and teach them where the females store their eggs.

Our "silly faces" photo.

~Daynaja D.

Looking At Things From A Different Perspective

Hey Guys,

Not much has happened this week, although we caught many types of sunfish like a Bluegill and Pumpkin-seed at Community Boating, which was so much fun. Sadly, I didn't have good luck and didn't catch any while the kids were catching 4 or 5. Maybe next time I'll have luck, but regardless this week has been good.

I wanted to talk about a group of kids who came to the Children's Museum last Wednesday who made me feel grateful and opened my eyes. There was a group of deaf kids who came up to see the Green crabs, and at first I didn't know how to show them how to hold the crab a certain way so it wouldn't pinch them. Multiple times I had to mime things out, like, "Touch softly on shell" or "Hold the sides while I hold the Pinchers." I thought these kids were so brave because as I mimed it out they’d have the adults tell me how they were feeling towards the crabs. While others went fishing it was nice to see the smiles on their faces. It made me feel good knowing that I made them happy and that they enjoyed holding crabs for the first time.

The next day I was also at Children’s Museum, and it was just a relaxing day. A family came up to us and the mother wanted to hold a Green Crab and she did. In the corner of my eye I saw Jahari pulling up on his fishing rod what seemed to be a Striped-Bass. We struggled at first to take the hook out of the Bass’s, mouth. Then, one of the sons that was with that same family helped us because this is what he does for his job in Georgia. It was so much fun because it was the first time I’d ever seen a Striped-Bass. If it wasn’t for Chanse, the son, we might have struggled for hours trying to take the hook out.

Chanse Taking The Hook Out Of The Striped-Bass
Holding The Striped-Bass
Till Next Time, Hope You Enjoy Your Week!


Hearts and Crab Habitats

Hello everyone, it's Sedny again. Its been a very great week so far at Blacks Creek. Lately we have been lucky enough to catch many little crabs at the Creek. Megg, who is one of my favorite kids ever, is always trying to get me to help her build a crab habitat. That's what she calls it. She waits until we catch about three to five crabs and then she comes up to me and asks, "Sedny, can you help me build a crab habitat pleaseeee," and when she looks at me so nicely, I can't say no. Today, we made a heart-shaped crab habitat and Megg was very exited and happy with the heart-shaped "habitat".
 I'm always so happy to help the kids and make sure they having the best time possible. It feels so great to know that they are looking up to you and you are the reason why they are always happy to go back the next day. That is a great feeling and I am honestly so happy that I have the chance to go do many things that I did not do when I was growing up.
I feel so blessed to be waking up every morning knowing that every day I am having the opportunity to do new things and be an example for these kids. I hope that everyone else is taking this opportunity to make this summer special for all these kids. This is all for now, I hope everyone is having as much fun as I'm having.

Until next time!

~Sedny A.