Saturday, July 4, 2015

Ready For Summer!

Hi everyone!

I am Justin Warrener, and this is my first year with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay as a Senior Harbor Educator. I grew up in Glocester, Rhode Island and they don't call it the ocean state for nothing. I spent my summers all over the beaches and islands of Narraganset Bay. Whether I was swimming, digging for clams, or crawling over the rocks and catching crabs with hot dogs, I was always having fun exploring the coast.

Orientation Day 4: Nora Dooley's pirate show (I'm the one in blue).

These summer beach days really inspired my love of the sea, and when I started college at the University of Rhode Island I pretty much jumped into studying Marine Biology. This ended up providing me even more opportunities to explore the ocean and study the life within it, whether through class boating trips, field studies on the salt marshes and beaches, or SCUBA diving trips. Since my graduation last year, I've had the chance to volunteer with Save the Bay in Rhode Island helping to run a small aquarium in Westerly, RI where I was able to share my love of the sea and the life within it to children and visitors of all ages.

I am super excited for this summer, where I'll be able to explore a whole new harbor and share it with everyone! We are going to have a ton of fun!

Orientation Day 3: The whole Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Summer crew on Georges Island!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Meeting new people

My favorite part of orientation was meeting new people. I got to meet college students, other high school students, and people who runs the program. I could just tell that I'm going to have a fun and amazing summer with all theses new people. At orientation we played different games to get to know the people we are going to be working with. My favorite game was "Where the wind blows." I cant wait to start.



Hi everyone, my name is Daynaja Depina but people call me D. I'm 16 years old and I am from Dorchester. This is my first year at Save The Harbor Save The Bay. I am very excited to be working for this program. I'm also excited to learn new things and meet knew people.   

Story Time!

Hello, all!

I am new to the team at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay, and I could not be more excited for the adventures that this summer holds for our team. Amongst all of the stories, songs, bits of advice, and challenges from this week, one call-to-action stands out to me: try something new every day! Today, I am formally blogging for the first time!

My name is Carolyn House and I am one of the 2015 Senior Harbor Educators. I studied for a year in Chile where I expanded my smile by several centimeters, and my Spanish by various chilenísmos (Chilean slang-words.) I love spending time with others, I love the ocean, and I am rock-climbing and learning Portuguese in my spare time.

While in Chile, I started to connect to some of my academic interests at a more personal level. I did research on climate change and water policy, and saw how fragile many of our world's water resources are. In this photo, I had just had my first cup of water right from the stream. Glacial melt is delicious, by the way, and refreshing too!

In Parque Nacional Torres del Paine in the Patagonia (Chile).

 People need water- they need it to be clean, they need to have access to it, and they need to be able to enjoy it. I believe that this is true everywhere, from Chile to Boston. I am thrilled to be working with an incredible group of people dedicated to connecting Boston's coastline to its surrounding communities in new and engaging ways! Below is a photo from this week. I went on my very first trip to George's Island. Can you believe there was a thunderstorm just three hours before this was taken? We had a great day of orientation despite the stormy morning, of course. Just look at that beautiful beach!

At George's Island for the first time!

 The folks at Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay have shown me how organized and effective they are. They exceed their goals because they care deeply about their work. As a new staff member, I  feel warmly welcomed. Patricia Foley, our president, has met with us several times, and made sure to shake the hand of every summer staff member, from the Senior Educators to our teenage JPAs. She knows that great leadership is personal and inclusive, and has made her support and gratitude for the staff clear. She greets us with a smile and works hard to keep up with how we are doing, and I am impressed with her genuine appreciation of all of the staff.

Patricia Foley is not alone in finding a personal touch- our entire staff is learning how to tell our stories so that we can connect with the kids we serve. Thursday, July 2nd, we met local storyteller and author, Norah Dooley. Soon, she had turned into Mary the Pirate- what a captivating performance! Within minutes, our tent was filled with chatter and giggles, as we all practiced our new story-telling techniques. Norah's message is unforgettable: stories matter to people. The stories that are important to us are meaningful to others, and we should share them! Norah believes that stories help us form and construct our communities, and swept us away with her instruction. Here's a picture of Norah helping us through a memory exercise where we focus on our senses, and another of her incredible performance!

Norah Dooley (left) teaching us to remember what we could see, hear, smell and feel at the time of our stories.
Mary the Pirate

The summer is upon us and ripe with stories waiting to be told! Thank you to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay for letting me be a part of this team, and for an upbeat and energizing first week! I can't wait to harvest a beach tale, or even a sea chantey or two!

Happy adventuring to you!

Summer Is Here!

Orientation on Georges Island!
Hi everyone, my name is Nikita Cayabyab. This is my first summer with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay and I'm beyond excited to spend the summer with everyone. I grew up in Sandown, New Hampshire and growing up my parents would take my brothers and I to different beaches along New England. I was always thrilled to go, I cause I knew that when I got to go, I would be finding sea shells, sea glass, listening to the ocean and the list can go on. It was truly a great experience as a kid to know that we have so much to discover and what lead me to my passion. I'm a graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a Bachelors in Marine and Freshwater Biology. One of my greatest opportunities I got from college was being able to study abroad in Australia at the University of Western Australia. Not only did my passion for Marine Sciences grow, I also made friends with people from all over the world.

Photographing Humpback Whales on Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary
After college, I discovered that I also love to share and educate others about the things that I'm passionate about, which I did at the SeaCoast Science Center in Rye, New Hampshire and at Cape Ann Whale Watch in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Conducting research on behavior and migration patterns and educating the guest on the whale watch was amazing and made my appreciation and love or some people may say obsession with marine mammals grow.

I recently moved back from Denver, Colorado where I finished up teaching for Denver Public Schools at Centennial Elementary. There I was a Math Teacher that specialized in small group instruction to 4th and 5th graders.
Last week of School with a few of my students

Now that it's summer, I'm excited to explore the harbor with everyone and have tons of fun!

Nikita :)

Excited to be back!

Hi everyone! My name is Kelly Randall and I am a full time staffer with Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay. I started working for STH last summer as a Senior Harbor Educator, I then came on board as a communications intern for the fall and was hired full time at the start of 2015 to assist with fundraising, communications, and outreach! This summer, I will be working as a Senior Harbor Educator once again- and I could not be more excited to get back out onto Boston Harbor! 

We just wrapped up our summer staff orientation where we were able to meet all of the amazing educators, college students, and high school students who will be working with us this summer. I can already tell it is going to be a fantastic year- everyone is so enthusiastic about working on the harbor with the region's youth and teens! Our orientation consisted of program site visits, getting-to-know-you games, a trip out to the Boston Harbor Islands National Park, and a storytelling workshop with Norah Dooley (also known as Mary Read the Pirate). We all had a ton of fun and I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that this summer will be incredible! 

2015 Youth Environmental Education Program Summer Staff

Call Me Tobin!

It’s 7:00PM on a Thursday and I have just returned home.  After having walked the distance from Sullivan Square station to my house, my knee is killing me.  I reach down into the knee-side pocket of my cargo shorts and I find that the cause of my misery is a bale of fishing line – and I smile. 

My name is John Tobin and by profession I am a teacher of mathematics and earth science, but by interest I am a teacher of fishing at Save The Harbor Save The Bay.  This is my first summer with the organization and I am happy to say that it is already off to a great start – and that all the fishing rods are rigged appropriately.

My first duty as Senior Harbor Educator came on Wednesday of this week when I had the opportunity to conduct a Fishing 101 lesson on George’s Island.  During my lesson, I went over drift rigs and float rigs – how to cast and how to reel in a lure - and most importantly how to catch fish safely and responsibly.

Fishing is an art of words.  The more you fish, the more you talk about fishing, the more you talk about fishing, the more you listen to others talk about fishing, and the more you listen, the more you learn.  I cannot wait to spend the rest of this summer letting students and their families in on those secrets. 

PS: That's me in the grey.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hi all,

My name is Mike Murray, and I'm a Senior Harbor Educator. We had a great one week orientation, and I am super excited for the summer to start!

 I have been studying martial arts for close to twenty years, and I earned my black belt when I was sixteen. My instructor, or sifu, taught us that because we had been given so much help and knowledge to reach our goal, it is our responsibility to give back to others. He told us that, by teaching, we will learn the meaning of being a black belt. For me, teaching is about sharing what we have with other people.

Teaching is one of my great loves because learning is an act of discovery. The world is filled with hidden treasure, and the job of a teacher is to show us the way to go about finding it. I have one of the best jobs in the world. I get to help people uncover new horizons of knowledge. I am so excited to be part of this program because it allows me to share the amazing piece of nature that we, here in Boston, have been given. We live in a place that is full of undiscovered treasure––sea glass, striped bass, lobsters, and skates. All of this is waiting to be found.

Growing up my dad took me hiking and camping in the spring and fall, and in the summer we would spend time by the ocean. I remember crabbing, swimming and snorkeling every weekend in the summer. My parents gave me the experience of the ocean, and of nature. This is one of the most important and best gifts I have ever received. I am here because I want to share my experience of the natural world with other people––and all of the joy and wonder that comes along with it.

We live in an amazing, magical place with a stunning harbor full of hidden treasure. We are going to have an incredible summer uncovering all that it has to teach us.

Happy Summer!

Hello everyone, and happy summer! My name is Amy Gaylord, and I am a full-time staffer at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay. One of my main responsibilities at the office is preparing and planning for the youth environmental education program, which means that I look forward to summer all year long! This will be my second summer at Save the Harbor, and I am excited to say that our staff this year is better than ever—ready to share the harbor with youth and teens from all over Greater Boston. 

Our busy orientation week concluded today after an engaging storytelling workshop with storyteller Norah Dooley, a fun-filled trip to Georges Island with harbor historian David Coffin, and plenty of time to get to know each other as a staff. This summer we have a large number of returning Senior Harbor Educators, Lead Harbor Explorers, and Junior Program Assistants ready to share their knowledge and experience with new members of the team. 

I look forward to getting the program underway at all of our sites, new and old, this summer—including All Access Boston Harbor, my main outreach responsibility! I book groups on the weekly trips to Spectacle, Georges, and Peddocks Islands, making sure that youth groups from different neighborhoods have the chance to experience the Boston Harbor Islands during the summer. 

If you work with a youth organization that would like to take advantage of this free opportunity, reach out to me for more information by email or phone: or 617-451-2860 x1008.  Looking forward to a great summer on the harbor!

Nora the (Lead Harbor) Explorer!

Hey everyone, my name is Nora Doherty and I will be a Lead Harbor Explorer at Save the Harbor, Save the Bay this summer! This is my first summer here and I’m super excited to dive into everything this program has to offer!!

Growing up in Dorchester, I was lucky enough to be steps away from Malibu beach. I remember days of running in the water to celebrate a big softball game win or just simply going down to the shore line to find hermit crabs and horseshoe crabs with my friends.

Though events like this instilled my love for the ocean, I found my true love of the ocean on the southern tip of Nova Scotia. Visiting my Nana is Shag Harbour, NS is the closest you can get to the ocean without being a marine critter. These maritime people eat, sleep, and breathe the sea. I spent my days down the wharf, watching fishermen unload their weekly catch; gulls flying overhead, and seals bobbing in the near distance, or sunbathing on rocks. Arriving at the beaches at dawn and not leaving the water until sunset was an ideal day.

Starting college at Plymouth State University I was pulled away from the ocean and landed in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Here I hiked, skied, kayaked, swam, and explored as often as I could. Receiving a degree in environmental biology, I gained a knowledge ranging from ecology to cell biology. My senior research project focused on comparing fossil and modern corals and how changes in their environment affect their skeleton isotope composition.

Last summer I spent time away from the ocean when I had the experience to work in Orlando, Florida. Here I worked hands on with Florida panthers, bobcats, alligators, crocodiles  and tropical birds. 

I hope to bring all my experiences and knowledge to Save the Harbor Save the Bay this summer! The past week we have had orientation and the entire staff is very excited to work together! Have a great summer!

Share the Love!

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Rose ; I'm 20 years old and I am from Dorchester. This will be my 5th summer working for SaveTheHarbor/SaveTheBay.  I'm proud to say that this will be my first year working as a Lead Harbor Explorer. I am super excited to be back for another summer. I know its going to be fun ; I'm sure there will be lots of new experiences. 

The biggest joy for me is being able to share my love for the Harbor with the young children that I will be teaching and working with. This week I met all my Jr/Sr staff and Co-workers. I think everyone seems great. I look forward to teaming up with them for an awesome summer. There's always something new to learn everyday. My goals are to continue to have fun, and help keep the Harbor a better place for friends and familys' to come and enjoy.

Mark Rose

Two Views on Clean Water

Yesterday, while our Youth Environmental Education Program staff explored the Boston Harbor Islands,  I attended a press conference on clean water organized by Ben Hellerstein of Environment Massachusetts.

It was great to hear Curt Spaulding, Administrator for EPA's New England Region and Bob Zimmerman of the Charles River Watershed Association talk about the importance of protecting water and wetlands that are so important to water quality and public health.

As I spoke briefly (Really!) about the economic and recreational value of the investments we have made in clean water in Boston Harbor, I noticed our summer staff on the top deck of the ferry. If you look closely, you can see them waving in the background.
When I returned to my office on the Verandah at Constitution Marina, our staff photographer Joseph Prezioso sent me this nice photo he took from the boat.

In the 25 years I have been spokesman for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay two things have become increasingly clear. The first is the water and the second is the value of the investments we have made in restoring and protecting Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay.
I hope you enjoy these two perspectives on yesterday's press conference as much as I did.
See you on Boston Harbor!
Bruce Berman

About Me: Kirsten Pfister

Hi everyone!

My name is Kirsten Pfister and I will be a Communications, Marketing, and Events Intern this summer with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay! I'm thrilled to be apart of such a great organization and I cannot wait to learn more about Boston's beaches this summer!

Boating off the Coast of Cape Cod
I grew up in Littleton, MA and I will be a junior at the University of New Hampshire in the fall. Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my family's lake house in Nelson, NH. This is where I developed a love for all things water! I absolutely love to paddle-board, waterski, and I just started snorkeling this past year. Outside of the water, I enjoy snow skiing and I'm a diehard Bruins fan. I also have two Goldendoodles, Dakota and Stanley, that I love spending time with.

Snorkeling in St. Martin
So far in my position as an intern with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay, I have worked heavily in communications. From drafting press releases to getting to know the local newspapers, I have helped get the word out about our recent work in the community. In the past few weeks this has focused on the Urban Beach Study and letting the beachfront communities know just how clean their beaches really are. As the summer progresses, I will continue to work in communications while also getting involved in the programming that will take place on the beaches and Boston Harbor Islands. Not only do I look forward to seeing how great the free events on the beach will be this summer, but through all my work with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay I cannot wait to connect even more people from the Boston communities to the gorgeous and clean beaches in the area. With all the awesome programs that Save the Harbor/Save the Bay offers and sponsors, I hope to see all of you out on the beaches this summer!

That's all for now!

- Kirsten

Jessie Thuma--a new intern at Save the Harbor!

Hi there! My name is Jessie Thuma and I am a new Environmental/Policy intern with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay.  I joined the team only a week ago so I’m still learning and reading all about the history, policies, achievements, and goals of the organization.  I am blown away by the progress Save the Harbor has made in improving beach sanitation and accessibility for all of the 15 public beaches in the region, from Nahant all the way down to Nantasket.  I have been interested in environmental advocacy for as long as I can remember so this summer I am excited to learn about the communication and policy dynamic of a non-profit advocacy group.

I am a rising junior at the University of Virginia—or as we say at UVA, a rising Third Year—where I am working towards a BS in Environmental Science as well as a BA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality.  In my search for summer internships, applying for a position at Save the Harbor was a natural choice.  I have lived in Quincy my whole life, just a minute walk from Wollaston beach.  Growing up, I spent much of my summer hanging out in the sand, taking sailing lessons at both Black’s Creek and Squantum Yacht Club, and going to the Clam Box for French fries and ice cream.  Needless to say, I love the water and feel passionately that everyone should have the same access to a fun and safe beach that I was lucky enough to have.  That is why I love Save the Harbor’s mission to not only clean up the region’s beaches, but to share the beaches with the local communities.  With their free public programs, like Family Fun Day on Wollaston Beach which I went to a few years ago, and youth education programs, Save the Harbor is working to instill in all residents a love for the beach and an enthusiasm to keep the waters of the Boston Harbor clean.

Over the years, I have seen first hand the major improvements to the beaches driven by the staff and interns at Save the Harbor.  When I was really young, I was not allowed to swim at Wollaston or go into the mud flats at low tide because of the polluted water and the broken glass and trash embedded in the sand.  Now, when I go for a run along the shore or grab some lunch at the Clam Box, I see hundreds of people enjoying the beach as their kids play in the water or look for crabs in the mud at low tide.  The sand is clean, the bathhouse is useable again, and people are finally respecting the beach rather than trashing it.  I am so happy to have the chance to give back to my community and other beach communities like it as I work with Save the Harbor/Save the Bay to help share the beach.
Outside of environmental conservation, I love to run, cook, read, and watch whatever is popular on Netflix.  I spend as much time with friends and family (including my two cats) as I can, and love using my free summer days to explore different neighborhoods of Boston, search out a new hiking trail or running path, or lounge by the pool or beach and have a cookout.  As an intern this summer, I will be putting together case studies, helping with press releases and collecting news clips, and working with the Youth Environmental Education Program at Black’s Creek in Quincy.  I can’t wait for all that I still have to learn and experience with Save the Harbor!

Hi my name is Luke!

Hi my name Luke and I am a brand new intern at Save the Harbor/Save the Bay! I have come from the not so far away lands of West Hartford, Connecticut to learn the ways of public policy and clean water from the expert team working at STH/STB. My first lesson here, and probably most important, has been that people are at the core of any good policy. Much of what we do at STH/STB is to listen to the good folks of Boston and find ways to channel their passion for a clean environment through our work into meaningful actions and events. This lesson became clear as I took part in Save the Harbor’s Better Beaches Awards Grants Ceremony on Saturday, June 6 during which 35 organizations were awarded more than $200,000 to host free beach events this summer. These events range from Rock Concerts in Lynn to Quidditch Tournaments on South Boston Beaches. The work done at STH truly starts and ends with these people and communities who want clean beaches and clean water to utilize as a public space. We take Max Havlin’s excitement for flying broomsticks and dragons and give him a clean beach and commonwealth funding to bring his imagination to life for an entire community. Or we take Boston Community Boating Organization’s desire to bring sailing to hundreds of juniors this summer and work tirelessly to ensure the water in the harbor is safe for kids to fall into. Keeping the harbor clean is our goal, but the people of Boston are at core of everything we do.  

I am excited to be part of a dynamic team working for such a selfless and noble cause. Again, listening to what the People of Boston want, I anticipate some of our upcoming projects as interns will focus on ways to permanently rehabilitate Winthrop Beach or a plan to jump start the South Boston Harbor Trail Project. I look forward to working on these problems and making a difference for the people in these communities. Of course if you are a constituent of any community in the Greater Boston Metropolitan Area and you have concerns, questions, or ideas to improve the Boston Harbor or Beaches, please contact us! We welcome your input warmly and will take action on your behalf.

As a new Bostonian, I am overwhelmed by the breadth of happenings in the City - ALL of which I wish to take part in! From open water swimming at Carson Beach, to dancing in Cambridge, to out door movie nights, museums, and concerts, is there a better place to spend summer than Boston? I wouldn’t believe you even if you told me there was. I feel genuinely welcomed by the people here and look forward to an amazing summer.

Keep checking the blog for more updates from my fellow new interns, Kirsten Pfister, Max Pohlnan, and Jessie Thuma (all fantastic people) as well as more information on our current projects. Keep loving your Beaches!

All the best,