Monday, August 29, 2016

Good Bye Pier's Park

What a summer! To everyone's that been keeping up with my posts, these past weeks were awesome! I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been fishing with kids, the other staff and the captains who lent their boats! Having access to the various equipment from the office made work awesome! I miss the kids already and as I am sitting at home on my sofa writing my final blog post I can see the fun adventures I had this entire summer whenever my eyes close! This job in summary consisted of a lot of fishing, finding life (insects, crustaceans, fish, and any other moving creatures) around the area, running around with children in various games (i.e. Capture the Flag, Sharks & Minnows, Drip-drip-drench, Tag, and randomly being chased), getting soaked by sprinklers, Jeopardy, learning about sea life, kayaking, beach activities, arts & crafts (drawing and fish printing) and lastly having a blast with the kids. This is my last blog post, I hope all of you that have read my posts up until now have had an amazing summer as well! 

I want to thank Amy Gaylord for looking at my e-mail, Sandra Chen for telling me about this opportunity, Bruce Berman for accepting me into this program and Patty for leading the whole Save the Harbor and Save the Bay site in Boston! The staff at Pier's park were fun individuals who worked hard to make not only their day spectacular, but the kids' days as well! The Pier's Park team who consisted of people who were here from the beginning, to folks that came either one day or a few were really all a great help, a lot of fun, creative and responsible individuals! Shout outs to Amanda for being a mother goose to some of the kids, Rusenny for being their day one and growing as an  individual, Sam who came only the last few days, but her presence felt like she was at our site all summer, Christian a.k.a. Pablo the rookie Capture the Flag score breaker, Ary the realest m.v.p. making sure that the kids were listening, and Sean the story teller, blue berry and banana every day man, always had something educational to teach the kids and very much a core person that held all the L.H.E.'s and J.P.A.'s together to co-function as a strong unit and the list could go on! Ever-fi was educational and I also want to give thanks to John Hancock for the MLK scholars programs, they did a remarkable job running their annual program for their 4th year I believe! I hope that the new folks who join S.T.H./ S.T.B. in the future have at the minimum as much fun as I did!

Raymond Chai

Tricky Fish & Saving a Life

Greetings folks! I had the amazing opportunity to attend the last fishing trip of the summer with Captain Charlie and the CHV team! During this trip we snagged a couple of small fish that notoriously ate our sea worms, which we released to only be hooked once again. We ended snagging a few black sea bass and Scup. Twice I had my line break due to a fish being too large! My excitement and frustration over losing such a fish got some of the fishing club kids on board to feel the same excitement when it happened to them. On our trip back, you could see some of the staff really enjoying their last few days of summer before the fall comes around by dancing to music on the boat and hanging off the edge of the ceiling on Captain Charlies boat!

In this same week we had brought back from the office a second fish trap that looked even more superb than the first! After a few hours of letting it sit in the waters with some sliced up fish from our office's cooler, we caught a whopping number of 6 fish! We ended up using a filling a giant cooler with salt water so that we could create a mini-aquarium with the caught fish. That was definitely a highlight of this summer at Pier's Park!

This week didn't end there, we ended up saving a grasshopper as well! On my kayak was Amalia and one of the twins (it was either Jopelin or Oliver). We were browsing around the waters doing one of the kids favorite activities, cleaning the harbor by picking up trash! We stumbled upon this grasshopper that looked like it was dead, so I lifted it out of the water with my paddle and it immediately jumped back into the water! I got the kids excited and told them that we could save the grasshopper and it was during our ride back onto the dock that the grasshopper took a ride one of the twins head! When we brought it back to the tent in a plastic bag (to make sure it wouldn't frantically jump off into the water) for snack time, all the other kids crowded around in amazement! It was shortly after that when Amalia wanted to release the little guy back into the grass. However, the grasshopper didn't hop off the moment we freed him, so one of the twins had the great idea of getting the grasshopper on his hat! In the next few photos you can see that the kids took turns having the grasshopper on their hats! That day, Amalia took home the grasshopper as a pet and that's when I figured that this could have been a Disney movie!

It was during the luau that I saw Amalia again and heard from her and her mom that they built a small terrarium for the small grasshopper and fed it lettuce! It stories like these that feel unreal despite being there to witness it all happen!

Signing out,
Raymond Chai

Spicing up dock time!

The week of August 15th was probably unprecedented at Pier's park history! At the office I had dug around to look for some fun gadgets and stumbled upon a small fish trap and two small nets! When I saw these toys I quickly imagined all the kids faces lit with amazement over a cooler filled with small live fish! The plan was that if the small fish came close enough to the kayak, the kids could scoop the fish up or the fish would swim into the minnow trap. The fish trap that we brought did not end up work well at all. We ended up catching small crabs instead, which meant that we hadn't placed the minnow trap at the correct depth. Even after re-adjusting the rope it was attached to, we had even worse luck and ended up with nothing.

Figure 1. This is how the first minnow trap looked like.

The small nets at first didn't catch anything either! I was starting to feel like I was just giving my Senior Marine Educator a hard time by giving him more things to bring back. The staff would bring the kids out on kayaks with these small nets in hope of catching small minnows and believe it or not, but the small fish that we were after would swim away from a kayak. The kids ended up using the nets to transport the sea life we did catch from one container to another, helping us snag mussels from the side of the dock and collect trash in our harbor!

Brought to you by Raymond Chai

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Goodbye Summer 2k16

This was my very first summer working for Save The Harbor, and I can definitely say it was memorable one. I started of the summer at Piers Park with Sean, Ray, Amanda and Ary and I  remember us being completely lost the first day when we got there and then Raymond teaching us how to filet a fish and some other interesting facts. That same day I remember after lunch, we all went to the little park with the sprinklers and the kids making up this game where they'd chase us with water and try to get us all wet and they did a pretty good job of getting me, Amanda and Ray. I also remember the time we caught two star fish and a moon jelly and the kids were so excited to hold them and they'd ask all types of questions.  After the first couple of days we all got the hang of things and I had a lot of fun working at Piers Park.
Holding A Star Fish

First Day At Piers Park
After a couple of weeks at Piers Park, I got put on All Access and at first I thought I wasn't really going to like it because I was so used to my previous cite, but I actually ended up enjoying it very much. I loved going to the different islands; Spectacle then Georges, with about 500 new different kids each day. I got to see a lot of faces and even some of which I knew. We mostly did fishing, and no, unfortunately we didn't catch much at either island, but we still got the experience  of being outside and enjoying the harbor and we did catch a skate on the last day at Spectacle which was the best ending to the summer.

Fishing On Spectacle

Catching My 1st Fish!
                                                    This summer I tried so many new things, I took risks that I'd never see myself taking, I met a lot of great people, held some crabs, learned how to fish, and caught my very first fish ever during the Fishing Tournament!

This was one of the best summers I've ever had and I'm glad I took on this opportunity! It was a very memorable summer for me and many other kids I'm sure. I can't believe it went by so fast!

- Til Next Summer, Rusenny :)

Saying Goodbye To All Access

On Thursday, we all went to Spectacle Island for the last time this summer. On the boat ride there I took a couple of moments to just look out into the water and feel the nice cool breeze which I really had been enjoying this whole summer. I tried to take it in as much as I could because I knew summer was soon coming to an end. When we got to Spectacle, we had lunch and then did sports and fishing. I did fishing and it was an exciting day for all the kids that went fishing because after weeks of only catching a couple crabs at Spectacle, we finally got a fish! The little boy I was helping waited and waited so patiently until we began to see the rod bending and he yelled "I think I caught a fish! I think I caught one!!" Andrea then rushed over to help him and they both managed to bring the Skate out of the water. It made me really happy to see how amazed the kids were that they actually caught a fish after a long hot day. Afterwards we put it in the touch tank with the crabs for the kids to see and touch, and it was the best day ever for them. 

The last day at Spectacle and on all access was truly a memorable one. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Last Kayak Ride!

Hey guys,
Something very exciting happened today at Piers Park. Well it was exciting but it was also gross. Unfortunately Sean was not here to witness this, but when we went down to the dock in the morning it was very low tide. I did not want to sit on the dock in the hot sun so I decided to take some kids on a kayak. We started going toward the rocks because I wanted to see if we could find anything interesting like starfish or something. We did not find starfish but as I was leaning over to look over for some starfish, I hear one of the kids say "Hey lets go over there near that fish!" I immediately was interested so I started paddling us over there when all of a sudden, a gross smell hits us. As we slowly paddle closer and closer to the fish we see the pretty big dead fish floating in the water. I thought "Hey we are not far from the dock, lets go bring it to show the rest of the kids and staff". I tried to pick it up out of the water but the second I pulled it out of water the grossest smell smacked me right in the face, so I kept it in the water and told the kids to paddle us towards the dock.
As we started paddling away I noticed that there was a paddle in the water and asked which of the kids had dropped it. A girl named Angela exclaimed that she did not even realize that she dropped her paddle in the water. The kids struggled to try to steer us towards the paddle without my help, and I could help cause I was busy holding onto a disgusting dead fish. However we were able to get the paddle and we paddled back to the dock. I told Ray about the fish and he passed me a bucket to put it in. I think Clara's reaction to the fish really describes it all. It was half eaten and decomposing and it just so happened to wash up on the rocks. Lucky for us, Kent was kind enough to cut up the smelly fish for us. We used as much as Kent could salvage for bait but ended up throwing the carcass back into the water for the Seagulls. #DeadFish #LowTide #PiersPark
Til next time,

Peace out Piers Park!

First time we caught a fish!
The Park!!!
Hey guys,
Today was unfortunately my last day at Piers Park. I had so much fun there this summer. I started out with Sean, Ray, Ary and Rusenny. I remember how we all came in on day 1 and none of us knew what we were doing. We showed up on a rainy day and did not know what to expect. That was the day we all learned how to filet a fish from Ray, who had filet a fish for the first time. Then, sadly, Rusenny switched to All Access, but we got Cristian. By the time Cristian came, Sean, Ray, Ary and I were already experts at Piers Park and he quickly learned the ropes. He joined my team for capture the flag, and helped us win a bunch a games. He was a good addition to the team. I worked with a lot of good people this summer, not only the Save the Harbor staff but the Piers Park staff also consisted of pretty amazing people.
Chilling on the dock
Each week we got new kids and each week we had a lot of fun. It was so nice to see how the kids loved the program so much. Zach would tell us how all the parents would tell him that their kids had a lot of fun, which meant we were doing a great job. There is this one girl who I do not think I can forget. Her name is Hannah. Hannah joined us for two different weeks, but in week one she ran into a problem. During lunch I was talking to Ray when I see Hannah standing in front of me crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she did not have any friends. That moment really broke my heart because I know that I've been in that awkward position. So I helped her talk to some people and Ray told two girls to play with her at the park. Then when she came back last week she had no problem fitting in.
Work out much?
One of Zach's many lessons
It was very interesting for me, to see how in the beginning of the summer we caught so many spider crabs, but towards the middle and end, we did not really see spider crabs, only rock crabs and green crabs. We also did not see any fish during the month of July, but August blessed us with so many fish that we caught. And even Eels! This week and last week you could even see the schools of little minnows swimming in the harbor.
First time I filleted a fish
Celebrating an end to such an amazing summer!
This summer was filled of firsts from the first time I went to Piers Park to first time I filleted a fish. The first time I held a spider crab to the first time a kid called me Mom. It was honestly a great summer, and my only regret is that I wish I did not drop my phone in the harbor, and then drop my replacement into a crab tank. I braided so much hair this summer, and got my hair done so many times. I learned so much from Zach's lessons about marine life. It was an amazing summer full of so many amazing experiences. I am so grateful for this summer. Huge shout out to Sean, Ray, Ary and Cristian for being such amazing people at such an amazing site. #PiersPark2k16 #SummerFun #Farewell
The Piers Park group that was there the entire summer celebrating Ray's Birthday

Much love guys<3  It's been real!

Last Day Of Children's Museum

Last week I was at Children's Museum for the first time and it was kinda different from all the other sites I've been to this summer. Mostly this summer I've been at Piers Park or All Access. In the morning when I got to the museum, there was a big tent and that's where we had the touch tank with the crabs and the Velcro fishing for the little kids to go "fake-fishing". On the dock in front of the museum is where we went fishing, actuallll fishing.

I was surprised at how many of the kids already knew what they were doing while fishing, many of them told me stories about going fishing with their dads, or grandpa or other family members and how they would catch all different types of fish. Then others were just learning for the first time how to fish and asked me all types of questions like "Are there actually fish here?" "Will I catch a shark?" "Why is this taking so long?" I had a lot of fun talking with different kids and also showing them the crabs and teaching them the difference between a girl crab and a boy crab, and how they lose their legs sometimes and many of them asked "do they pinch?" "Yes, yes they do indeed," I would say from experience. Although my time was short at Children's Museum, it was pretty memorable.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sean and Amanda's last days

final week and as well as the final days for Sean and Amanda If the title didn't hint that already but in those 2 days I've had a bunch of fun as well as how much my body aches from those 2 days alone. First Sean's final day the most eventful thing in that day was around the end where amanda,Sean, and Christian jumped off the dock with Sean giving the 10/10 dive into the water. Afterwards sean gave us a ride back to the station and we said our goodbyes to him. Now let's move onto Amanda's final day. first beginning in the morning at the dock of piers park in one peaceful morning comes a huge dead fish being dragged in by Amanda in a kayak smelling like it was piles of manure but nonetheless we decided to cut parts of it off for the crab traps and fish traps, here's a pic of amanda pulling the thing in.
After cutting and almost puking a few thousand times, the traps were ready and by the end of the day we had crabs crawling on crabs crawling on more crabs as the traps were full, but after all of us smelling like the deceased fish we all said our goodbyes to amanda and while a few stayed for the luau I left to return to my home to shred through 6 bars of soap to get rid of the smell.

Raking of the sand part 2

Onward to Sunday! as well as part 2 of the raking of the sand. Now part 2 takes place in constitution beach in East Boston which was near Orient Heights on the blue line, but enough of that onto the actual event itself. Now in this event there were more staff as well as a bunch of sand rakes and people who wanted to participate despite it feeling like my skin is melting off, it was fun. (INSERT PHOTO OF SAND RAKE PICTURE HERE)
Though It was still very hot and wearing two shirts at the same time was not the best idea, but that's just me being the lazy blob of sweat and heat that I was in that moment. There was a snack bar-like place that served slush, which I got blue raspberry but the slush was arguing with the black coffee and the huge amount of ice that I consumed, and the result of that little war inside my stomach I felt incapacitated. There was also another big project that the big man artist guy wanted to do however... It was hotter than the sun and the tan lines I have before are getting slowly worse. So we were given the option to leave and unfortunately I wanted to leave but I wanted to stay for the sand rake as well.

Mayor by the Harbor

Hi everyone,

Not only was last Thursday an excited day for All Access staffs but also for the kids. It was the last day that a lot of summer camps came out with us which was a surprise because I was not expecting that many groups to come out since a lot of the summer camps wrapped up their summer a little early.

As kids and staffs waited at the Pavillion to welcome our Mayor, we had a few activities going on such as fishing, fish printing, crabbing and coloring. We also had a couple of staffs do a beautiful fish print on a white T-Shirt for our Mayor. As all of the kids gathered in the Pavillion to welcome the Mayor, they all screamed "Good morning Mr. Mayor". Thursday morning, everyone tried getting a selfie with the Mayor and I was lucky to have a picture taken with him as he congratulated me as the fishing tournament winner. I had no idea of what was going on when my boss Bruce Berman called me up next to the Mayor in which the Mayor handed me a brand new rod. It was a great morning having the Mayor there to start off our morning. All of the kids were excited and had a great morning before headed out to Spectacle Island.

Until next time,

Andrea Lopes :)0

Spider Crabsss

Hi everyone,

As All Access Boston Harbor is wrapping up the summer this week, it gave families and friends the opportunity to come out to Spectacle island. On Tuesday we had a lot of families that came out with us. Although the attendance went down, it was still fun.

As always, I was fishing with a few groups of families where kids were fighting over rods. When I made the kids understand that there were not enough fishing rods for everyone, fishing got a lot better even though we did not catch anything. Usually I cast out a fishing rod and leave it out there to try to catch something to show the kids. This time just when I thought I had a skate on the line, It turned out to be a huge spider crab. The family that was there at that time also helped me pull up the crab trap in which all that was inside were 10 spider crabs. Throughout this summer, I was waiting to catch some pregnant spider crabs to show kids and families what a pregnant crab looks like. Luckily, four of those crabs were pregnant so I was able to show the kids and families and they were all amazed. That was the highest number of spider crabs we had caught all at once in a trap. I cant wait to see what the last day of the program will be like.

Until next time,

Andrea Lopes :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

So Long, Farewell

Hello again fellow adventurers!

Well it's unfortunately that time again, the summer is coming to an end. Since the first day of work three years ago, I knew this was going to be a special place to work. I thought I came into this job with a decent amount of knowledge of the harbor, but I could not have imagined how much I have learned in the past three years. From simple things like how to correctly tie a fishing line, to life lessons like how to handle a bullying situation between two kids, I have experienced a multitude of situations that have made me the person I am today.

Fishing With the Mayor!

By far my favorite site this summer was Camp Harbor View. Aside from soaking up the sun and playing frisbee on our down time, the personalities of the kids and counsellors at Camp Harbor View were unmatched. Everyone arrived to the boat in the morning with bright smiles on their faces, ready for whatever exciting events were to unfold over the course of the day. For the first time in three years, I was regularly a part of catching stripers and skates on site. I was just as excited as the kids when we would reel up one of these fascinating creatures, and for some of the kids it was their first time seeing an animal come out of the ocean!

Out of all of the Better Beaches events I attended this summer, my favorite was Aquapalooza. This event truly showed me that music can be the common denominator in bringing a bunch of strangers together in a room (or in this case, on a boat). Bridget, Emily and I were by far the youngest ones on the boat, but age was truly just a number on this cruise. I was amazed to see some of these people in there 50's, 60's, and 70's grooving to the rhythm of the music the entire cruise! while we were regularly taking breaks to catch our breath. That was one of the funnest days I experienced all summer, from the music to the personalities, all around just an amazing day. I would highly suggest this event to all of our 21+ readers, because it is an awesome experience. 

The Dirty Dotties!

When I return to school in the fall, I will be returning with new friends, and tons of new memories. Every single summer my friend group grows, as well as my life experiences. I'm constantly learning new things from the people I meet through Save the Harbor, and I wouldn't want to have it any other way. I will be graduating in the spring with a degree in Marine Biology, and I truly believe that my time here at Save the Harbor has helped me make it this far. I'm excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me, and hopefully I will be back to make more memories in the summer.

Until next time, keep on exploring!
-Luke C. 

There's nothing like working in this city

Fishing and Crab Catching at CHV

Hello again fellow adventurers!

As the summer winds down, I'm beginning to reflect more and more on the summer. Out of all the sites I visited this summer, I would have to say Camp Harbor View has been my favorite. I think it's awesome that Save the Harbor is allowed to play even a small role in the daily activities that go on out on Long Island. No matter how long I've been working here, it still puts a smile on my face when I see a child's face light up when he or she sees a fishing rod and realises they are going to get to use it.

Gon' fishin'

Camp Harbor View has proven to be the best site for fishing, at least in my experience, over the past few years. I have been in attendance for two stripers and three or four skates this summer, which is by far the most that I have ever seen caught at one site. I'm sure I have the same surprised look on my face as the kids when we reel up a striper, because they have seemed to elude me throughout my time here with Save the Harbor. One thing we don't have any trouble catching at CHV is rock crabs. The trap we have at the end of the dock is always filled with crabs when we pull it up, and every time is a new adventure.

Showing off Crabby the crab

Until next time, keep on exploring!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Goodbye STHSTB

What a summer! For the past eight weeks I've been at Piers Park in East Boston. We've had a great summer playing games, going kayaking, catching crabs, fishing, and learning about marine life and the Boston Harbor. I saw smiling faces everyday this summer, by both kids and staff, and am happy that I was a part of something so special. Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay has allowed me to help our Harbor Explorers create some unforgettable memories, and learn some pretty cool stuff along the way.

Everyday at Piers Park, we spend a few hours on the dock, where we've caught a number of different sea critters. As the summer has gone by, I've noticed the changing ecosystem in the cove where our dock floats. At the beginning of the season, we discovered a ton of giant crabs! Both spider and rock crabs came in enormous sizes. Some of them wouldn't even fit into the bucket! Since then, the crabs have gotten smaller by the day and the spider crabs have disappeared completely. We also found a ton of Moon Jellyfish at the beginning of the summer. We'd glide by them on our kayaks and pick them up with our bare hands! Don't worry, these jellyfish don't sting, and the campers raved about this activity.

At the end of July, the fish began to swim into our area. We caught a variety of different species in our crab traps; mostly tautogs, but also some flounder, pogies, black sea bass, and also a striped bass. None of these were big enough to keep, but taste aside, it was amazing being able to see them interact in such a real context. We showed the kids how to identify these fish based on their color, patterns, and body type. The flounder were especially interesting to observe because of their unusual swimming technique. Unlike most fish, the flounder swim horizontally along the ocean's floor.

Recently, we've seen more schools of small fish swim by, which we've been able to catch with dipping nets. A highlight of our summer also happened recently, when we caught two lobsters! One was premature, but the other was big, even large enough for us to bring home and eat if we wanted to. We let them both back into their natural habitats, but before we did, we learned a lot of cool things about lobsters. If you want to see what we witnessed, check out some of my previous blogs.

Today was my last day at Piers Park, and I tried to take in as much as I could: the beautiful view that allows us to see the city's skyline, the great people who have become my friends, the unbelievable opportunity that I was given, and even the feeling of the cold and salty water that I've been working on all summer. Believe it or not, but not once did I go swimming at Piers Park this summer. Even on the ninety degree days, we never took a leap. Well, because the summer was officially over, today, myself and a few other STHSTB staff went for a swim. It was the cherry on top of a terrific summer. I can't imagine saying goodbye in a better way; well, maybe reeling in a monster bass would have surpassed.

I did countless things this summer that I'd never tried before, from teaching a child how to properly hold a crab, to flue fishing at the Fan Pier Tournament. It was a summer of adventure and new experiences. Thanks again to Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay for a summer that I will never forget.


Last Event Of The Summer

Hiii everyone,

As days are going by, we have less and less time until the summer is over. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and has experienced new adventures like I have throughout this summer. This weekend was our last better beaches event at constitution beach. It was great, we had Nora the storyteller telling her stories as the kids listen by the beach. Other did fish printing, in which many of them kept asking if was a real fish and when we said yes they we all surprised that we use real fish for art. Some other people ran the sand raking and they loved it. They did so many nice drawing

I like to dance, so I was near the Dj along with Andrea dancing with the little girls as if we were at a party or something. Andrea made a special request the cha cha slide dance and we all enjoyed it, dancing and singing it while Sam rap at the end. She’s really good at it too.
There was also campfire with marshmallows, even thou mine kept burning a lot of time I still ate a lot of them. There was nothing more fun then doing that at the beach as the sun goes down. It was a great event for all of the family and friends that went there. I enjoyed it very much. Well this is all for now.

Until Next Time,


Dance and Hula-Hoop!

Hii guys!

I hope everyone is doing fine and are enjoying the few days that we have left. This week I’ve been at Carson and it’s been pretty dead. Maybe it’s because of what happened, who knows. Anyways, we had this group coming over. We all got so exited and happy because we haven’t had any groups for a while. So we went down there with our equipment to hang with them.
Nieomi, Daynaja and I were ready to have fun with them. We took the initiative to put music and dance so the kids could join in and they did. We dance the cha cha dance, the Macarena dance and so much more. The kids seemed to enjoy it and so did we. We had some hula-hoop dance as well. There was this girl who was so good at it. She was very good with hula-hoops and she kept going on and on.

The boys were playing with Preston; they played football and some other jumping game. We had so much fun dancing “watch me wip now watch me nae nae” it was so much fun. They all knew how to do it. Some other girls were singing and the day was so great because just when we thought we would have no one coming down to the beach, they showed up and made our day better.

Well this is all for now,
Until next time


Art is Beautiful

HIII guys!!

I hope everyone had a terrific week; this weekend’s event was with this great professional sand raking men Andre. He went to Carson beach to teach us some great designs along with the kids. He thought us how to make flowers and different designs. The kids did pretty well. They were all fast learners and we're ready to take over all of the beach shores and make it into a beautiful flowery place. Although it was so hot, we didn't give up and at the end of the day, he showed us some cool designs for just us staff to work together. I honestly did not think we would pull it off but the result at the end was amazing.

When I looked at the pictures that he took, it was just so incredibly, I still cant believe how amazing it was. That same week, we had an event at constitution beach and the purpose of that event was also sand raking. Many adults more then kids participated and they were all so exited. I saw all of the amazing designs that they all made and it was all beautiful. Everyone was welcome to participate. Andre is a great artist, his artwork is all so amazing and what is most beautiful is that he has a great passion for it. He shared his amazing artwork and talent with so many people and not everyone is as humble as he is. Thank you Andre for the amazing experience.

Until Next time,